Using accessories to personalise your interior space

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Your home may have a great basic layout, but it’s the details that make it.  Whether you have a large home ready to fill with your own taste in furnishings, or a smaller space to which you want to add a personal touch, this guide should get the ideas flowing.  


You can never have too many cushions.  The great thing about them is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, so it’s not hard to find something that reflects ‘you’.  Needs More Cushions Blog is all in favour of faded indigo, at the moment.


Autumn is creeping up, and before we know it, it will be winter.  It’s time to find some cosy touches to enhance our living space and to snuggle up with on the long cold nights.  Find a throw or two to fit with your chosen colour scheme.  They look great draped over the back of a chair or try folding some in different complementary colours on top of each other, on an ottoman.


The door is the gateway to your own little world, and the first thing guests see when they visit.  While people often pay attention to the front door, patio doors can be an excellent way to make a bold design statement, and give a sense of continuity between your home’s interior and exterior. Bifold doors are a great choice, as they provide function, security and a distinctive modern vibe.  Bifold Shop offers a range of design configurations that fold in and out in practical but interesting ways.


Clocks have a practical use but can also make a bold design statement.  Are you a technophile?  Try a sleek, digital timepiece.  A traditionalist, or a lover of antiquity?  A vintage mantle clock or, if you have space, a grandfather clock, might be ideal.  If you’re on a limited budget, you can scour car boot sales, charity shops and antique shops until you find something that ‘speaks to you’.


You don’t need to break the bank, either, to find fascinating knick knacks.  Here again, car boot sales and charity shops can be a goldmine, as well as specialist shops like Polar X Ornaments  Don’t be afraid to display mementoes from holidays or frame beloved photos to place on end tables or desks.  Whether you favour quirky, stand-out pieces or your taste is more subtle, just one or two ornaments can add a distinctive touch to your décor.

DIY décor

‘Life hacks’ abound on the internet nowadays, and some of them can be incredibly useful for personalising your home décor.  If you can’t find a photo frame to suit you, consider making your own.  Buzzfeed suggests using a scarf – yes, a scarf – to create a funky piece of modern wall art.  If you have a neutral, drab accessory such as a plain-looking clock or a hand-me-down ottoman that isn’t quite your style, why not add a personal touch using spray paint, or a piece of fabric that catches your eye.


Go forth, and make your home your own!


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