4 Ways to Make Your Teenager’s Bedroom Better for Everyone

If you’ve got a teenager living under your roof, you’ll know all too well how difficult it can be to get them to keep their bedroom tidy. While their bedroom should absolutely be a space for them to relax and unwind,  it’s still a part of your home that you understandably want to stay on top of. But can you really have the best of both worlds? Let’s take a look.

Paint it a neutral colour

Pretty much every teenager goes through a state of wanting a jet black bedroom or a neon coloured wall, and while that might sound cool in theory, it’s going to be a nightmare to get rid of once they tire of the idea. Instead, paint their walls a neutral colour and allow them to express themselves through colour in their accessories like their curtains, bedspreads and rugs. That way, even if they change their favourite colour it’s a simple case of switching out soft furnishings rather than having to repaint an entire room.

Let in more light

If your teen is like most others, then there’s a good chance that at some point or another they have been rushing around trying to find something at the very last minute from their bedroom. The biggest problem they might be facing is lack of natural light in the bedroom. You could consider installing roman blinds so that they can pull back the blinds when they need more natural light, yet still have the privacy they want when they’re spending time in their bedroom. Not only that, you can again match the colour of their blinds to the rest of the soft furnishings to help tie things together.

Make it easier for them to keep clean

Teenagers are renowned for leaving dirty clothes on the floor or not taking used mugs and plates back to the kitchen. And, you probably know all too well how frustrating it can be keeping on top of this, especially if they don’t always want you in their bedroom. Instead, why not make it easier for them to keep on top of how clean their bedroom is? Add in a laundry hamper near the door that you can quickly grab on laundry day, and you could even hang a basket to the back of their bedroom door to bring any kitchenware back to its rightful home. In an ideal world it would never get that bad, but surely this is a slightly better option? If it helps maintain some order in their bedroom, I’d say it’s a win!

Create a revision station

Finally, teenagers in this day and age are sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of homework, coursework and revision they have to complete for their high school exams. That’s why it’s important to create a station where they can focus properly, rather than having them do it at the dinner table where there might be distractions. Make sure there is space for a laptop and their revision textbooks so they can focus on getting the grades they’ve been dreaming of.

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