Top Tips For Encouraging Good Behaviour In Your Kids

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs you can imagine. Throw the pandemic into the mix, and you have probably the most demanding job on earth! Children are naturally curious and may be a handful as they explore this life journey, develop character, and learn more about their surroundings and themselves. As a parent, you want to ensure your children have the best of behaviours while being true to who they are. But, how can you do this? These tips should help with encouraging good behaviour in your kids and help when it comes to good communication with children in general.


  • Be a role model

Your children look up to you. They pay close attention and observe your behaviours to determine what behaviours are acceptable. Therefore, if you want to go about encouraging good behaviour in your kids, be well-behaved! For example, to teach your children manners, you should use “please” and “thank you” when talking to them. You can also teach them kindness by not angrily raising your voice but speaking to them gently and with love. When around your children, it is essential to remember that your behaviour acts as a guide for them.

  • Acknowledge good behaviours

It is crucial to give your kids positive feedback when they behave in a way you expect. This is key to building upon such behaviours, especially when they are learning something new. You can reward them with some additional time on their favourite game, device, or a piece of bespoke jewellery. It could also be that present your kid has been longing for. Giving positive feedback and acknowledging good behaviour works better than just waiting for something to go wrong before scolding or asking them to stop.


  • Offer clear expectations and follow-through

We all enjoy it when people respect our limits and boundaries. Being clear and upfront about your expectations regarding rules and expectations in the home can help avoid confusion and limit unacceptable behaviours in the future. For instance, if you want your children to spend only 15 minutes on their devices, it is vital to communicate that and stick to it. Allowing them to have more than the required time would make the rule a “useless” one. This means that you will be met with resistance the next time you try to enforce such a rule.

  • Practice coping mechanisms

Nobody is born with coping skills. Everybody learns, and it is essential you do so and learn healthy coping techniques. This gives you the tools you can depend on during stressful and overwhelming situations. It is hard to learn anything new when you are tired, distracted or upset, which is why you should teach and learn to practice coping techniques during calm moments. Your kids won’t only know how to manage the stress but also become more resilient to handle the highs and lows they face without losing their cool and acting up. 

Parenting is challenging but very doable. You can teach your kids good behaviour to live and work well in society. However, this should include some rewards for their excellent behaviours to guide the teaching. These tips should guide your parenting efforts.


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