Tips for Effective Parenting – What you Should Know

We all remember our childhood, the happy and sad times, making mistakes and having to learn the hard way and if you are a first-time parent, there’s a lot to take onboard. You are shouldering the responsibility of raising a child to be a decent, productive human being and if this seems a bit daunting, here are some tips for effective parenting.

  • The importance of self-esteem – It only takes a couple of years for a child to develop a sense of self, to become aware that they are an independent entity that interacts with other entities; you can help by praising your kid when he or she gets something right or does a good job. This means so much to a toddler and so many parents constantly remind their kids that they are not good enough. You should never speak negatively about your child and when they are ready for childcare in Ryde, your son or daughter will adapt and be able to socialise.
  • Draw lines in the sand and be consistent – A young child is exploring an unknown world and by nature, they will always test the boundaries; you can help by making it very clear what they can and cannot do, in a positive but firm manner. You have to be consistent with your discipline when it comes to effective parenting, otherwise, the child will be confused and this usually leads to bad behaviour.
  • Spend quality time with your kids – The fast pace of 21st-century living can mean it’s hard to find the time to be with your kids but find the time you must! Nothing is more important than time with your children, so make sure you spend at least 30 minutes a day in their company, if not more. When you have other people look after your children, it can cause a void in your relationship during the critical years. Here is a list of suitable gifts for a baby shower.
  • Be the perfect role model – At the end of the day, kids follow what their parents do, rather than what they say, so whatever traits and behaviours you want them to adopt, be the role model and it will surely follow. Kids remember things, they recall their dad warning them about drugs while drinking a bottle of whisky, or a mum who always tells you to be tidy, when, in fact, she’s a mess! Be what you want your kids to become and it will happen.
  • Never compare your kids to others – This is the worst thing you can do; if a boy down the street can ride a bike already and he’s younger than your son, so what? We all develop in spurts, we are all unique individuals and this should be celebrated. Of course, monitor progress in every respect and if there does seem to be an issue, investigate with an open mind.

Liked this post on effective parenting? The Australian government offers a lot of free resources for parents and with the help of friends, you will work out parenting and your kids will reap the rewards.



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