School Holidays – Ideas for Teenage Engagement

If you are the parent of teenage kids, you probably dread the long summer holidays, we all know the feeling of driving home from work and wondering what they have been up to today. Teenagers are full of energy and in this short article, we offer a few ideas to keep them engaged during the long summer school holidays.

  • Sports camps – If your kids have talent on the court, enrol them in one of the top basketball camps in Sydney and watch their game improve! The pro coaches break down every aspect of play and improvement is rapid! Your kids will develop in many ways with such a bonding experience, while leadership skills will be revealed and developed. All team sports are character-building and if your son/daughter shows promise, this should be supported in every way possible.
  • Foreign study tours – Travel broadens the mind and widens a young person’s horizons, being exposed to different customs and cultures helps to create the right values. Australia is a huge country and every citizen should experience the Outback at an early age in order to appreciate pure nature.
  • Working in an outdoor environment – If you would like your kids to experience working, find them a job as a golf caddie or working at an outdoor entertainment venue. National Parks typically offer summer tenures for eco-friendly youngsters and hiking would be the order of the day, with environmental conservation in mind.
  • Volunteer projects – The Internet hosts a wealth of resources about non-profit projects in 3rd world countries, helping poor communities with things like farming and irrigation. Google a few ideas and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Young people should be exposed to the harsh reality that remote communities have to endure and being part of projects gives a young person a lot. Lifestyle choices affect our overall health & well-being, as this article highlights.
  • Work experience – If they are ready for some real work experience, it isn’t hard to find stores that require packers and stackers; the pay might not be on a par with the market, but they get to work in a supervised setting. The money is well-earned and opening a bank account is the natural way forward, which helps with money management and the responsibilities of adulthood.
  • Build entrepreneurial skills – If your son or daughter comes to you with a business idea, why not fully support it and make it a summer project? Offer guidance rather than trying to manage the project and they will learn some valuable lessons and who knows, they might enjoy roaring success.

The long summer weeks should be a time for teenagers to experience the real world and we hope the above suggestions help you to find the right program for your teenage kids. Search the web for work experience programs or take a look at the top sports programs from leading venues to find the perfect summer program to develop your kids.


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