Top 10 Vacancies in Food for Summer

Once the summertime comes along, all kinds of food will be out of the frying pan. Summer jobs can provide exciting opportunities if you have ever considered working in the food industry.

The international job aggregator Jooble has ten recommendations for you to browse through. Each of them includes something new to try, increasing your palette as well as your skills. Look at the top ten vacancies in food service for this summer on Jooble.

Coffee Barista

This summertime job is suited for everyone. Coffee barista is one of the most popular jobs on job aggregators like Jooble for teens and young adults. You will be preparing and serving drinks in many different cafés. Moreover, you will be trained in prepping all kinds of beverages, including lattes and cappuccinos.


A lot of bars become open during the summer. A lot of them are going to need help. You can easily work in collecting glasses, serving drinks, and even food. Make sure to be of legal age before serving the drinks. Collecting empty glasses is still legal. 


Being a waiter is a common practice for those who want to work in food. You will be the first person people see when they enter the restaurant. You will be asking for their orders, making sure the chef fully knows what to make, and having you serve them.


This can be an obvious choice for those who want to work in food. However, this is just a broad generalization. Depending on where you work, this will be the sole provider of the food. This means that most of the responsibility will be on you.


This is like the co-leader of the restaurant. They will assist the main chef in whatever they need. Primary duties include prepping ingredients for the main chef to perform the primary cooking tasks. It is an essential job for bigger restaurants to work more smoothly. 

Event Caterer

Sometimes you can serve food in many different locations. Events can be held all over during the summertime. Examples include:

  • Festivals
  • Theme parks
  • Camps
  • Parades

Being a caterer in these places means providing food for people to enjoy the event more. You will work in a private kitchen or work outside in a food tent. 


Cleaning is crucial for the food industry. It is always vital that health and safety are entirely up to code when serving food. This is why cleaners are hired separately, so they can focus 100% on the job. You will be cleaning floors and work surfaces as your priority.

Kitchen Assistant

This is for those serving food in more professional environments. Not all food-related jobs involve working in a restaurant. Working in the kitchen of an office building means assisting in helping the workers refuel for the day. Even during the summertime, there are those still working the days away.

Care Worker

A care worker is in charge of providing health and support to those in need. This will include serving them food and making sure they eat properly. Your primary duty as a care worker could be cooking meals for your client and serving them.


Managing your own restaurant can be a dream for many who love to work with food. Many establishments in the summer could be looking for a new manager. Your job will be hard-working but more rewarding in the long run. Take on more duties and manage your own team to serve the best food in the area.  

In conclusion, the summer season offers a plethora of exciting opportunities in the food industry, catering to a diverse range of interests and skill sets. Whether you’re passionate about culinary arts, hospitality, nutrition, or food technology, there are ample vacancies in food waiting to be filled. Embrace the warmth of the season, where you can savor the taste of success while making a meaningful impact in this vibrant and dynamic industry.


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