Resume Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms Returning to the Workforce

Creating a standout stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) resume can be a daunting task. You might be wondering how to address employment gaps, or you may be concerned about having outdated skills. The truth is many mothers have taken a break from the paid workforce to care for their children. It’s very common. According to this US News & World Report article, millions of women have done so due to the pandemic. The good news is, there are various ways to structure your stay-at-home mom resume to showcase your valuable experience, skills, and abilities. Here are some tips and advice from a career coach and expert resume writer for creating a successful SAHM resume that highlights your strengths and puts your best foot forward in your job search.

1. Create a Strong Introduction and Connection to Your Experience

If you are creating a stay-at-home parent or stay-at-home mom resume, it’s best to include a professional summary or profile section in your resume. This section should highlight your experience, strengths, and achievements and connect them to the job you are applying for.

Make sure it’s immediately clear what position and field you’re interested in. Connect your past work experience, any recent volunteer experience, and the skills you’ve utilized as a stay-at-home mom to the job you are pursuing. Be sure to highlight any transferable skills, such as use of MS Word or Excel, that will help make your case for the role you’re applying for and connect it to the specific job description. If you’re in the South-East and need to update the latter, then look for a reputable Excel course London to book on to.

2. Own Employment Gaps

If you leave an employment gap on your resume without any explanation, the hiring manager will make assumptions about how you have been spending your time.  That’s why it’s so important to own your narrative. You can describe your work-from-home experience and focus on highlighting the transferable skills that you have developed during this time.

One option for marketing your stay-at-home mom experience on your resume is to incorporate it into your work experience section as you would a traditional job. Consider using titles such as Household Manager, Stay-at-Home Parent, Household CEO, or Chief Home Officer to describe your role. These titles not only showcase your responsibilities but also demonstrate your leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

Another approach is to highlight other volunteer, contract, or freelance work on your resume. These experiences can also be included in the work experience section of your resume. It’s important to highlight your most relevant work experience as it relates to your career goals. Therefore, consider listing your most related experience first and then following up with your additional work experience. This method focuses on highlighting your relevant skills and experience first so the hiring manager will immediately see that you are a terrific fit for the job!

Consider Using a Stay-at-Home Mom Resume Template

A stay-at-home mom resume template can be used to create a resume that highlights valuable stay-at-home mom skills and experiences that are related to the job you are applying for. Read more resume how-tos, see live examples, and access tips on resumes for stay-at-home moms here.

3. Highlight Your Mom Skills

As a stay-at-home mom, parent, or caregiver, you have worked tirelessly without receiving a formal salary. However, it’s important to acknowledge the invaluable experience and skills you have accrued during this time., Don’t undervalue your experience! A wide range of skills are acquired through parenting, from multitasking and negotiation to leadership and crisis management. Recognize the unique abilities you’ve honed and how they can add value to the position you’re applying for. You deserve to be recognized for the hard work you’ve put in, and your experience will add great value to the workplace.

In addition to not hiding employment gaps, it’s also important to embrace and be proud of the unique talents and transferable skills that you have developed as a stay-at-home mom. One example is multitasking. Parents are multitasking rockstars, juggling various responsibilities and managing countless details. Instead of just stating the commonly used phrase “strong multitasking skills” on your resume, elaborate on your experience and showcase how you’ve honed this ability. Share specific examples of how you’ve juggled multiple tasks, such as managing your child’s hectic school and extracurricular schedules, coordinating events, and handling unexpected issues simultaneously. By providing clear examples, you’ll be able to better demonstrate your multitasking abilities and showcase how you can bring valuable skills to your potential employer.

Final Thoughts

Remember to be confident in your skills and experiences as a stay-at-home mom when applying for jobs. You can do it! With a little bit of work and these helpful tips, you will have a resume and cover letter that leans into your skills and experience, making it easier for you to get hired. Good luck!


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