The First Face Painting…

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Last weekend we went to a very ‘low key’ church fete, the sort that reminds me of my own childhood, complete with tombola, hook a duck, a bouncy castle, plus a slightly dubious Punch and Judy (Freddie is now slightly traumatised by the latter!).

Alongside these traditional summer-fair staples was a face painting stand.

Freddie has ALWAYS refused to have his face painted (how preschool coaxed him into having a plane painted on his face several months ago I will never know), but there was no stopping Sasha.

Following hot in the heels of my god-daughter, Ella (now a butterfly!), she couldn’t wait to tell the girl in charge that she wanted to be a “tiger, please”. I was so proud that at 2 years, 2 months, she managed to sit still (just!) so her face could be made into a mini work of art. She sat on my Mum’s lap like she’d had it done so many times before, a proper face painting pro!

It sounds silly, but just at that moment it really felt that we suddenly had a proper little girl, and not a baby, or even much of a toddler anymore. We had a full-on walking-talking-having-an-opinion-i-want-my-face-painted-like-a-tiger-please little lady. It gave me a glimpse into the not too distance future, and also scared me slightly, as although I know it sounds like a cliche, they really do grow up so fast!

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18 thoughts on “The First Face Painting…”

  1. Don’t those little moments steal your heart? So proud of the little person they are growing into and sad that your baby is growing up. Such a roller coaster of emotions everyday being a mummy.

  2. I remember Moo’s first face painting, it was a tiger too, and she was about your little ones age.. So sweet and gorgeous photo x

  3. Oh she’s gorgeous, love it. I know that feeling all too well, sweeps you up. Lovely post xx

  4. Aww – she makes the most adorable tiger – and full credit to her for sitting still for that long; it’s a very detailed tiger face!

  5. Wow I am impressed, love the face painting and can’t believe she sat that long to do all that detail. Amazing. She looks so cute too! Bless her. Lovely post hun. #ordinarymoments

  6. Wow I am so jealous. She looks amazing and well done her for having it done. Ever since baby was born I have wanted her face to be painted, but most people say she is too young. Your daughter is beautiful x #OrdinaryMoments

  7. Aww!How gorgeous is this wee face and even more so looking like a cute little Tiger! Such a lovely post. x

  8. I am completely with you on this one- Mads got her face painted for the first time on holiday and to me it felt like a really big milestone, I don’t know why but it felt like a big deal! Although hers wasn’t as good as this- this is AMAZING face paintery (I totally just made that word up!) x

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