The Benefits of Thermal Insulated Plasterboard

Thermal insulated plasterboard is high-performance, protected plasterboard designed to offer better insulation for ceilings and walls. It consists of a plasterboard sheet with insulation on its back. Available in varied thicknesses, sizes, materials and finishes, these boards can easily be fixed with screws, nails and even adhesive, making them an easy option for DIY tasks. Insulated plasterboard has many applications; you can use it on almost any external wall. Solid internal walls of old buildings may also benefit from using these boards. A few significant benefits of insulated plasterboard are:

  • Improved Thermal Efficiency

The low thermal conductivity of insulated plasterboards like Celotex PL4025 reduces heat loss and improves energy efficiency in buildings. This brings down your home heating expenses and creates a comfortable living environment.

  • Effective Sound Insulation

Insulated plasterboards can also reduce noise transmission between rooms, building exteriors, and interiors. This can be advantageous in multi-unit residential structures where noise is a common complaint.

  • Versatile Product

You can use insulated plasterboard, like Celotex PL4040, in several applications, including dividing the wall surfaces. You can even combine it with added insulation to boost thermal performance, making it an efficient and versatile remedy for different construction assignments.

  • Durable and Resilient

Insulated plasterboard is a durable and resilient product that easily withstands the requirements of construction projects and the roughness of regular use. Likewise, it is moisture resistant due to added vapour control layer, which can help to avoid damage from humid or wet problems.

  • Easy Installation

Insulated plasterboard is easier to install than standard plasterboard since it is already insulated; you just need to complete one step to complete the installation instead of two steps. You can also cut these boards to fit them around obstacles, such as electrical outlets and pipes. This further saves labour costs and time during construction work.

  • Saves Space

Since you can use insulated plasterboard to offer wall finishing and insulation simultaneously, it saves a considerable amount of space compared to using regular plasterboard and adding a layer of insulation separately.

  • Cost-Effective

Insulated plasterboard is one of the most cost-effective building materials. Its versatility, sturdiness, improved thermal efficiency, and ease of installation adds to its overall value. The energy-saving advantages of this product are lower operational costs over the lifetime of a building.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Insulated plasterboard helps improve the buildings’ environmental performance, which can further attract prospective tenants or buyers.

  • Maintenance-Free

Insulated plasterboard requires no maintenance as it is HCFC, formaldehyde and CFC-free. At the same time, it does not release harmful fibres that are common with fibreglass insulation.


So, there you go! Insulated plasterboard is a high-performance service for construction jobs offering several benefits, like versatility, longevity, sturdiness, cost-effectiveness and boosted thermal efficiency.

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