The 5 Best Small Balcony Decor Ideas: An Inspirational Guide

When sipping your morning coffee or stargazing at night, your balcony’s there to provide the space to decompress, relax, and recharge.

When armed with some Small Balcony Decor Ideas, you can make your space a versatile one bursting with potential. It can be your sanctuary, a cozy nook to unwind after a long day at work, or a vibrant hub to entertain friends.

But how do you make a small balcony shine?

How do you decorate this space so that it looks intentional and thought-out?

Well, stick around and we’ll give you 5 Small Balcony Decor Ideas to use up every inch of your limited outdoor space.

Let’s get into it.

3 Must-Have Small Balcony Decor Ideas


When selecting furniture for your balcony, don’t abide by the same principles as when decorating a living room. When it comes to small balcony decor ideas, opt for pieces that are both functional and space-saving. For example, get foldable chairs or a compact set you can easily store when not in use. Besides this, built-in storage is a key feature for keeping your balcony neat and organized.


If your balcony overlooks a street or you live in a densely populated residential area, you have to think about privacy. This doesn’t mean erecting tall walls around your balcony that won’t even let the light in. Instead, can place artificial hedges or tall plants along the edges of your balcony to create a natural barrier. Bamboo screens or trellises covered with plants can also be one of the great small balcony decor ideas when it comes to seclusion.


Last but not least, don’t forget the greenery. Plants add life and freshness to your space and can help your balcony breathe. There’s no rule about the types of plants to include, but we recommend choosing ones that won’t mind the changing weather. And if you don’t have the coveted green thumb and aren’t sure about taking care of real greenery, artificial plants can be the best alternative.

5 Best Small Balcony Decor Ideas to Freshen Up a Small Balcony

Add Color

Splash some vibrant colors on your small balcony and fashion a more lively environment for household members and guests alike. To feel the positive effect of this decision, be intentional with where you add color. For example, choose colorful outdoor rugs, cushions, and accessories for a “pop” against a more neutral background.

If you’re feeling daring, paint a feature wall or the floor in a bold shade. Then, incorporate colorful planters and flowers to highlight the cheerful ambiance and you’re good to go.

Incorporate Throw Pillows

Don’t sacrifice your comfort when decorating your balcony. In the end, this space is best for relaxation. So, emphasize your comfort and style with some funky throw pillows. Opt for pillows in various sizes, shapes, and textures for a cozy seating area that captures attention.

If you’re up to it, mix and match colors and patterns that will complement your existing decor. Choose your throw pillows carefully and make sure they’re made of outdoor-friendly fabrics. That way, they’ll resist fading and moisture. But, be careful not to overwhelm your balcony, especially if it’s smaller.

Include Plants

As we mentioned before, greenery is another one of the great small balcony decor ideas that is a must-have for any balcony, no matter the aesthetic. Incorporating plants is never a bad idea. If you don’t have time to spare on greenery maintenance and upkeep, consider using artificial hanging plants.

To get the best addition to your outdoor space, choose artificial plants that complement the environment, not take away from it. Hang your hanging faux garlands from the ceiling (if your balcony is covered) or attach them to the railing for a cascading effect.

Set the Lighting

Lighting is key for every space, including the small balcony. Pay attention to the amount of light your balcony has and the atmosphere it creates. If you use your balcony at different times of the day, incorporate a mix of overhead lighting (if possible), string lights, or a pendant light.

And if you want a cozier environment, use candles or lanterns for a warm, soft glow that doesn’t strain the eyes. After doing so, you’ll realize just how much setting the right lighting can change your balcony.

Upgrade the Railing

If you’re gearing up for a full-blown renovation, turn your attention to the railing around your balcony. This is the perfect time to upgrade it so that it reflects your style. For example, you may consider a decorative railing with an intricate design or modern finishes for added visual appeal.

If you can change everything about your railing, opt for materials such as wrought iron or stainless steel. Add planter boxes or railing planters to soften the edges and create a more polished space.

Finishing Thoughts

Fashioning a cozy and inviting balcony doesn’t have to break the bank or cause you any muscle soreness. By incorporating these 5 easy small balcony decor ideas, you’ll revive your outdoor space and make the most out of every inch without crowding it.

So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and make your balcony a space you can’t wait to come home to. 


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