Best Types of Windows For 2024

If you’re thinking of having new windows added to your home in the year ahead, this guide looks at some of the best options.

Along with looking at what windows are the best to consider this year, we’ll look at the average cost of having each of these options installed. Let’s dive in!

Note: All average costs listed below factor in the supply only cost of the window units and the price of labour for a professional installation. Many total costs will vary significantly 


Casement Windows

Average cost: £300 to £2,000

One of the most common window types in the UK is that of casement windows. So, naturally casement windows earn a place on this list as a popular choice dating back to the 1700s.

Casement windows feature side-mounted hinges, enabling them to open/close with ease in a similar manner to a door. The relative simplicity and insulation strengths of casement windows easily contribute to their prominence.


Average Cost: £300 to £3,000

If you have single-glazed windows, opting for double-glazing is a great way of adding more insulation to your home. This, in turn, will improve the energy efficiency of your home, leading to lower heating bills.

Of course, having double-glazed windows installed can prove costly, especially if you’re looking to have all (or nearly all) window units swapped out for double-glazed replacements. That said, they might save you around £100 to £200 a year. 

So even if they may not quite pay for themselves entirely, they can to a large degree with time, while offering additional benefits such as making it easier and quicker for you to heat up spaces in your home.

uPVC-Framed Windows

Average Cost: £200 to £1,200

Windows with uPVC frames also come with a host of benefits. These include noise reduction, security, and (alike double-glazing) insulation. They are also long-lasting and can be recycled.

Beyond that, uPVC windows often last for 20-40 years, which is about average. A notable disadvantage is that they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea from an aesthetic point of view.

Bay Windows

Average Cost: £1,000 to £5,000

A bay window is basically where several windows are arranged to create an overall window structure. Bay windows often protrude outwards too.

This timeless, aesthetically appealing type of window can prove an elegant, standout addition to any property. Moreover, bay windows can introduce plenty of natural light due to their design. With that said, they can be difficult to install (often leading to a higher labour installation cost). Moreover, bay windows 

French Windows

Average Cost: £1,000 to £1,700

Last but certainly not least, French windows will remain popular in 2024. These windows are fairly similar to casement windows, although often don’t cost quite as much.

French windows push outwards when opened, generally with one opening out to the left and the other out to the right. This design function and overall appearance help explain why French windows have been and remain so popular to this day.

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