Staying Healthy At Christmas Time

Christmas is a time of excess, and many people gain over 5 pounds during the festivities. So, how do you stay healthy, not undo all your good work from last year, and still have fun?

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Often with my clients. As a result of the diet culture, many of us deprive ourselves only to overindulge when “allowed”, such as at Christmas. It’s easy to binge and overeat when you’ve been depriving yourself for a year. It’s easier to eat small amounts of everything than to deny yourself and then binge. Such a cycle of deprivation and bingeing is bad for your health and mind. I know it’s difficult when everyone around you is buying up the supermarket’s sweet tins, but moderation is the key here. Make sure you keep up with your workouts, eating healthy main meals, and with your Water Soluble CBD

Think About What You Drink

Too much alcohol can cause poor food choices. Studies show that the day after a drink, more calories are consumed. When you go to a party or hang out with friends, you don’t want to miss out on a glass of bubbly. So alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks and drink lots of water before and after the party, and consider a liver detox to keep your health in check. 

Balance Your Sugar 

I am a firm believer in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. See previous blog post. If you are prone to ‘hangry’ or mood swings, your blood sugar is probably out of whack and needs adjusting. Too much sugar and refined carbs cause fluctuating blood sugar levels. Keep sugary refined foods to a minimum and make your own fruit-sweetened snacks. Your body will stop craving sweet treats once your blood sugar is balanced. Sugar balance with a teaspoon of cinnamon daily We have festive treats that will make you feel indulgent while still keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Perfect for Christmas energy baubles.


Consume plenty of antioxidant-rich foods during the holiday season. That means colourful veggies and fruits. Consume a rainbow of vegetables and fruits at every meal.

Look After Your Liver 

This time of year, your liver may need extra help, so nourish it with liver-friendly foods. A healthy liver can help digest fat and detoxify alcohol. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, pak choi, rocket, cauliflower, kale, and watercress are all good for your liver. Herbs like artichoke, beetroot and turmeric also help the liver. Our festive and seasonal sprout salad includes Brussel sprouts, chestnuts, and pomegranates while also supporting our liver. If you want to up your veg intake over the festive period and avoid meat more, then Petra has a blog on how to make the best vegan nut roast this Christmas

Look After Your Sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. Your immune system will suffer if you try to do too much. This means you’ll be more susceptible to bug bites. You’re more likely to reach for high fat and sugar treats the next day if you don’t get enough sleep. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep.

Keep Up Your Exercise

If you are feeling unwell, you may be tempted to skip your exercise class or run, but now is the time to keep going. If you can’t do your normal routine, go for a walk in the fresh air. Raising your heart rate will help you recover from overindulgence.


A difficult year for us all, so be kind to yourself, hug your family and have a wonderful Christmas.


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