Exercises you can do with a kettlebell

Kettlebell exercises are an efficient and effective whole body workout that help strengthen muscles, focusing on the body’s core. Whether you have a gym membership, work out at home, or just go on regular runs – you should get yourself a kettlebell so you can develop an effective routine you can do any time in the comfort of your own home. You can see a variety of kettlebells from 8kg to 32kg here, perfect for any fitness level.

Squat with a kettlebell

Also known as the “Goblet Squat” this is a fundamental exercise that should get top billing in a kettlebell workout. It works your glutes and upper leg muscles as well as your back, shoulders, and biceps.

Hold the kettlebell close to your chest with both hands. Set your legs apart, slightly further than your hips. Feet facing slightly outwards. Tense your abdominal muscles and keep your head facing forward. Lower your hips by bending your knees as though you are going to sit on a chair and hold the position for a moment. Return to your starting position, keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles tensed.


Another classic workout, this exercise trains the entire back and glutes.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and the kettlebell on the floor between them. Squat, as described above, and bend your upper body 45 degrees to the front. Grab the kettlebell with both arms fully extended and slowly return to a standing position, keeping your back straight. The force of this lift should come from your glutes, and it is important to keep the kettlebell in a straight line, close to your body. Lower your body and get ready to raise the kettlebell again.

Swing with the Kettlebell

This exercise is a little more fun and is one of the most efficient forms of fitness training. This exercise strengthens the back, glutes, and shoulders. It can also help improve your posture and mobility of your hips.

Place the kettlebell on the floor and stand one step behind it. Grab the kettlebell with both hands and guide it through your legs until your forearms touch the inside of your thighs. Swing the kettlebell to the front using the motion of your hips until your arms reach a right angle with your body. Keep your body tensed. Let the kettlebell swing back through your legs and repeat.

One Leg Row

This is a kettlebell exercise that helps with coordination and balance. It works your upper back, arms, shoulders, and neck as well as strengthening your abs and glutes.

Stand up straight with one foot ahead of the other and hold the kettlebell in the hand that corresponds with the rear leg. Lift the kettlebell, bending your elbow whilst leaning your upper body forwards and keeping your rear leg straight so it rises up behind you – until your torso is parallel with the floor. Row the kettlebell to your hip whilst keeping your balance and tense your abs. Repeat this on the other side.


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