Stand Up For Women Around The World

Women have more of a voice than ever before, and we love that. The world is now far more accepting of different genders, races, and everything else that’s new to this world. Compared to ten years ago, women now have more responsibility and control over their lives and what they want to do with it than ever before. The journey to get to this point has been long and hard, as it has been for many other people who have once been seen as lesser than everyone else. For example, the LGBT community is now growing more than it has ever grown before with support from everyone around the world. So, we think it’s our duty to make sure that women all around the world continue to feel supported in their life. If we can bring women up and make them feel as special as they are, the world is still going to grow supporting women and making our world a better place. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Recognising Issues That Are Still Happening 

Although there are far less issues than there uses to be, there are still so many that are shining through. But we’re now far more equipped to deal with it than ever before. There are so many services and charities who support women with a whole host of issues that they might be having. One that has recently been happening is church abuse legal cases. Many women go to church every single Sunday as a way of escaping. Church can be a place of solitude, but oddly enough there have been so many cases of priests and the abuse they cause. In some offices there are also cases of sexism still happening with big businesses. It’s often men at the top, always getting the chances for the promotions. Always challenge this if you feel like it’s happening in your office or take it to HR. 

Focusing On Female Empowerment 

Female empowerment is so important if we’re to keep bringing women up around us. So to focus on female empowerment you could go to organized talks where women share stories, and share tips as to how we can use our voices to be heard more. You can also support women on social media. There are so many stories of women facing all kinds of abuse on Facebook. If we can all follow the #BeKind initiative, more women around the world are going to feel supported. It might mean commenting on photos, statuses, and stories you see of women sharing their stories. 

Reaching Out To Those Around You 

This is an important one. Mental health is spoken about and more recognized than ever before. But we need to be reaching to those around us. People can be suffering in silence, and you never know what’s going on in someone’s life until you ask. Simply asking if someone is OK can mean the difference between life and death. So reach out to all of the women in your life and make sure they’re OK!


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