Some God-Motherly Bonding in Crystal Palace

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On Saturday morning, whilst Adam was teaching football, I bunged the children in the car and drove the short distance from our house to Crystal Palace. One of my favourite parts of London due THAT view, plus the lush park and rather nice drinking establishments, I always feel at home here. We met up with two of Sasha’s Godmothers, Olwyn and Laura AKA Boo, and it was grand for the children to spend some quality time with them, as they are ACE. Our lives are all so busy on a day-to-day basis, and whilst we all live south of the river (high five!), it can still be a bit of a mission to find a time/day that suits.

Olwyn, Boo and I have known each other 12 years now, and lived together for several years in Leeds, whilst at uni there. Along with 3 other friends, we survived hangovers, bad part-time jobs, dubious men and a flea infestation (yes, really). No matter how long we haven’t seen each other, we always pick up where we left off as if no time at all has passed. I even flew alone to Korea, sandwiched between 2 enormous Russian blokes, and with an acute fear of flying, to go and visit Olwyn when she was living there. That’s friendship for ya!

The park was busy due to it being the first glorious spring Saturday of 2014, but never feels over-crowded, due to the sheer amount of space to roam around in, and also because of the numerous things to do. There is a small farm, cafe, playground, boating lake and, most importantly, huge stone DINOSAURS.  These dinosaurs have been here since the 19th century and are officially Grade 1 listed structures (see here for more info). Adam remembers them from when he was a little boy, and it’s lovely that Freddie is now getting to experience the same things as Daddy did when he was growing up.

Such a great morning with special friends, and I can confirm that I am SO ready for summer now!


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