Sasha’s Dream Horse with PetPlan Equine Insurance

As someone who was really ‘horsey’ as a child, I’m tentatively excited that Sasha (and Freddie for that matter) is starting to show an interest in ponies and learning to ride, and I think next year at nearly 6 she’ll be ready to start lessons if she’s still keen.

So when PetPlan Equine Horse Insurance got in touch to see if Sasha would like the opportunity to create her very own dream horse, we jumped at the chance! 

This little 5 year old is very creative anyway, and if often found sitting at our dining table, pen or pencil in hand, doodling away or creating a colourful masterpiece. 

I drew an outline of a horse for her (let’s face it, horses are tricky to draw at the best of times), and then told her to use it to create her perfect pony pal. 

And I think she definitely went all-out when it came to creating something that would stand out from the crowd!

‘Arlo’ the horse (yes, she named it after her little baby brother!) is bright and beautiful, and when he arrived Sasha couldn’t believe that her design could be really made into a ‘real life’ horse. 

Since his arrival in our house, S has looked after him really well- taking the time to ‘feed’ and groom her new companion. 

PetPlan Equine understand the importance of looking after your four-hooved friend, and having the appropriate equine insurance is all part of this. As someone who loaned a pony when I was young, I know that the owner sorted out horse insurance for us, just in case she fell sick or got injured during one of our many jumping competitions- vets bills for horses are VERY expensive and insurance just gives you peace of mind that they can be covered if the worst happens. 

Since 1976, PetPlan’s priority has been to keep the nation’s horses healthy and their owners happy. By offering the very best equine insurance policies and great customer service, they have helped owners get their beloved horses back on to health following illness or injury. From the start, Petplan understood that horse owners have specific needs when it comes to finding the right insurance policy, and became one of only a few equine insurance providers to offer genuine ‘lifetime’ policies. In addition to their market-leading Covered for Life® policies, they also have a 12-month policy that is designed to suit all needs.

Petplan also works with more animal rehoming charities than any other pet insurance provider and are committed to supporting charities and the vital work they do in any way they can. They work with more than 1,200 charities throughout the UK and in 1994, formed the Petplan Charitable Trust which has so far raised more than £7million towards a better, healthier world for animals. 

What a company! 

Whilst Arlo the horse might not need insurance (although living in our house as a cuddly toy can be hazardous at times, what with excess cuddles), we know that we would definitely be calling up PetPlan, should a real-life horse ever join the family. 

Thank you to PetPlan for making Sasha’s horsey dream become a reality! 

See Freddie’s Dream Pet in this other blog post.


**Thank you to Petplan Equine UK for working with us, all words and opinions my own, horse design Sasha’s own!


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