Review: Chad Valley 3ft 4-in-1 Multi Game Table and WIN a £75 Argos Gift Card

As part of his role on the Chad Valley Play Panel, Freddie was sent a fab present for his birthday in February- the Chad Valley 3ft 4-in-1 Multi Game Table to try.

As we were living at my in-laws at the time due to building work, we couldn’t actually get it set up straight away. However, now we’ve been back in our house a little while, the table is up in our new kitchen/diner space, and we’ve been having a LOT of fun with it! 

I’m not going to lie, when this was sent to him I did the inward parent sigh of “where the hell is it going to go?”, but actually once it’s set up it doesn’t take up half as much room at you might think it would do. 

As someone who is already loving his sports, the multi game table is perfect for a child to have a go at everything- pool, table tennis, air hockey and table football being the table sports to try. So far, Freddie has declared that pool is his favourite out of the four games, and Adam and I have been surprised at how quickly he’s picked up the game and the correct holding of the cue (even if he does try to cheat every now and again!). 

The multi game table took about an hour to put together (don’t do what I did and attempt this when you’re exhausted at 11.30pm!), but the instructions were clear and it was actually very simple to put together. Age-wise the table is aimed at children 5 and upwards, which I think it probably spot-on, as 4 year old Sasha is definitely a little small for the pool, although having said that, she’s a whizz at table football! Height-wise, I’d say that the table is perfect for children between 5 and 9, going by how Freddie looks against it now as a pretty tall just-turned-6 year old. 

The table comes with a whole heap of accessories to go with each sport- table tennis bats, balls and a net, pool balls, triangle, cues and chalk, air hockey pucks, and a couple of footballs for the table football game. 

What’s great about the table is that it really promotes fun and being sociable together as a family. Every time someone is in the kitchen, they seem to get roped into paying one of the games, and we always end up laughing lots!

The Multi Game table has an RRP of £69.99, although it’s currently on offer at £64.99. 

I reckon it would make a great family/shared present at Christmas for siblings who seem to have everything, and gets a big thumbs up from Freddie and the rest of us Freemans!

To celebrate the start of spring, and for the chance for you to perhaps treat your little ones to a Multi-Game Table of their own, I have a £75 Argos Gift Card to giveaway today! 

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Disclosure: This review is in collaboration with Argos however all opinions are our own.

323 thoughts on “Review: Chad Valley 3ft 4-in-1 Multi Game Table and WIN a £75 Argos Gift Card”

  1. table football 😀 My eldest watches Friends with me and sees chandler and joey’s foosball table so he’d love one 🙂

  2. Air hockey (where the puck rides on an air cushion – it seems to have different names in different places)

  3. I really love the air hockey! But they’re all great fun, lots of good times with my son when he was young playing this type of thing. Now I bet he’d love it with his family!

  4. id like the table tennis but with five nephews living with me it would have to be the football one!

  5. Table football, although I am far too competitive for my own good so not sure anyone would want to play me!

  6. I haven’t played it for ages but I used to really enjoy air hockey so I think that would be my favourite.

  7. Air hockey. The kids and I love to play it and can never resist a go when we see a table at the arcades.

  8. I love table football although my partner gets very competitive and it really does become a battle !

  9. I love Air Hockey! Haven’t played anything like that for ages though – you’ve inspired me!

  10. Definitely air hockey! I would always play it with my sister if we found it on holiday or at the seaside. I’m not very good at it though haha.

  11. Air Hockey!! We turn it into a full on competition when we see a version at the arcades on holiday!

  12. Air Hockey! We love it in our house & it’s tradition to have ago whenever we see an air hockey table!

  13. it would defo be air hockey, i play it all the times with my girl on our hospital visits, she just loves it x

  14. Table tennis – I remember feeling very envious of other children who had a table tennis table.

  15. It’s always air hockey… Mostly because it requires the least amount of skill, but I still end up losing.

  16. Table tennis and pool would probably be the most popular in our house – does look like something everyone would enjoy 🙂

  17. We always went to Butlins when I was a child and I spent the day in the pool diving down to the windows at the bottom and the evenings playing air hockey. I haven’t the money or space for a swimming pool but I’d relish air hockey challenges.

  18. Table tennis, it’s great fun. We used to have a full sized table in the garage when I was a child.

  19. Table Football, my brother and I always used to play it when we visited our cousins house growing up, used to get quite competitive! 🙂

  20. Air hockey is everything! Keeps you so lively and might get a bit heated at times but it is just “that type of game”!

  21. I can’t decide between Air Hockey and Table Tennis – but if I had to choose one then Table Tennis.

  22. I’m known as competitive Dad in our house and I love all sports, I would beat everyone at table tennis first, then pool and finish with table football!!!

  23. Definitely ping pong! My partner used to have one at his work (he was head chef) and one day an elderly lady brought in her own bats and challenged him to a game. The restaurant was quiet so he accepted. And she absolutely annihilated him, it turned out she used to play professionally! Everyone was laughing, but the lady was just so happy doing what she used to do best.

  24. Table Tennis is my favourite as I discovered I had was pretty good at it last time I went on holiday x

  25. Table tennis, although I’m pretty good so I think I’d need to give my daughter a chance every now and then 😉

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