Retirement Choices in Australia

Are you approaching the stage in your life where you are considering retiring?  Do you have a family member or loved one that is having a hard time financially or physically remaining in their home?  Are you still young and active and are looking for a like-minded community where you can meet new people and stay active?

Your circumstances will dictate what is the best option for you or your loved ones.

Resort Communities

If you are still young and active and want to find a community that offers modern, affordable homes with good security and amenities, this choice could be for you.  Tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centres, clubs and organisations to meet your needs are some of the benefits you will find at a good resort community like Lifestyle Communities Rosebud.

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are intended to support ageing while providing a sense of community.  They often focus on safety for the residents.  They might not have the luxury and amenities of a resort community but are a solid choice if you want to spend time with like-minded people and still not have to worry about things like lawn care and building maintenance.

Independent Living

A suitable alternative is independent living.  These are often serviced apartments where residents can avail themselves of services, if they need them, or can remain independent and take care of themselves. It’s a great option, if you or your loved one prefer to do most things on your own, but just want some help from time to time, or with specific activities.  They very often have medical staff available in the event of some emergency.  The apartments can be wired up to be able to contact the front desk or office, in the event the resident has an incident and needs some sort of immediate assistance.

Assisted Living

These are often a combination of retirement villages and nursing homes.  They are set up to provide an increased level of care to their residents.  These communities are set up for residents who want to remain independent while at the same time needing help with some of their daily living activities.  Most assisted living facilities provide meals for the residents, and many of them offer other activities as well.  They might have libraries, movie rooms, a pool, walking trails, gardens, excursions to local markets, concerts, and many other types of events for their residents. 

You can often find some of these facilities co-located next to each other.  For example, an independent living complex, located next to an assisted living complex, next to a nursing facility.

Do your homework, and find a facility that meets the needs of you or your loved ones.

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