Overcoming Tech Hurdles When You Are Working From Home

Working from home has its benefits and a lot of businesses are moving towards this model. It’s great because you can set your own schedule and work however you choose, so you can be more productive. However, there are a lot of challenges you need to face. Keeping your motivation, for example, can be tough. People also run into problems with technology, and overcoming tech hurdles. 

You are even more reliant on technology when you are working from home and if you run into issues, it can bring your work grinding to a halt. There are a few common tech issues that you should know how to manage so they don’t impact your productivity, and issues to consider, such as does weather affect satellite internet? Here’s how to deal with the most common tech hurdles when working from home. 

Slow Internet

If you’re working from home and your internet is slow, it’s going to be difficult to get through a day of work. Troubleshooting can take some time and if you don’t have a solid connection for long periods, it can cause problems. One option is purchasing a signal booster if you are working in an area of the home where you don’t get a great connection. However, it could be the case that you just need to upgrade to a better service with a different provider. You can check if you can get better internet with this broadband coverage checker and change your provider. If you can get a full fibre connection, your internet will be much faster and a lot more reliable. If you live in an area that is hard to reach because it’s rural or remote, then a company that offers high-speed internet and voice services such as Viasat internet could be an option for you. 

Bad Video Calls 

Most often when you need to do a video call for a work-related reason, it is going to be with a client or colleague who is in another office. If your video feed goes down during this call, it can either just be an annoyance, but if the person on the other end can’t hear you or see you, then you could lose that client and the revenue. If your internet connection is fine and the problem has to do with the video chat software, then you should update your software and restart your device. You may also want to try using another kind of technology for conference calls, such as a VoIP phone.

Incompatible Software 

It’s likely that you use multiple pieces of software throughout the work day and if they are not compatible with one another, it can make life difficult for you. The best way to solve this is to use software as a service (SaaS) packages like Windows 365, so all of your applications work seamlessly together. 

Security Problems 

If you work from home, your security is going to be a high priority. Your business will rely on online storage and data to run smoothly and if you have a virus or malware attack, it can put the whole company at risk. You should make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date and install an anti-malware tool so you can maintain your system’s security. These should be checked regularly for updates because outdated security software doesn’t offer the protection that you need. 


If you work from home, it’s vital that you are prepared for overcoming tech hurdles and you know how to overcome them before they damage productivity.


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