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  • This little guy... no longer a baby but a fully-fledged toddler! 💔#18monthsold #toddlersofinsta
  • Hmmm so been having a right bedtime pickle the past week with these 3 that’s leaving us knackered in the evenings - maybe someone could make a suggestion of how to do it better? It’s got to the point where Freddie clearly needs to go to bed later- he was going at same time as Sasha and allowed to read in bed, but he just hasn’t been tired and then will toss and turn past 9pm (or worse, constantly coming down😬). So what we’ve been doing is putting Arlo down at 7, then Sasha at 7.30 after reading & stories (and despite sharing a room with Freddie she’s been ok doing this and out like a light, she still needs her sleep), and then letting Freddie stay downstairs until 8, before going up to read until 8.30-9. Trouble is it’s knackering & we feel like we’re doing 3 lots of bedtime now, losing our evening (and I often work then too), and even though it’s not F’s fault, I feel distracted by him and there’s still a fair bit of “mum, mummy, mum...” going on 😂 so it’s hard to unwind. I nearly lost it earlier over an innocent post-7pm requests for crumpets as I just wanted to switch off 😩 any ideas how we could do it better and still feel like we have an evening? What do you do bedtime-wise once your kids are older and stay up when you do? We love spending time with them but want adult time too (to watch Luther 🤣) help! #bedtimewoes #bedtime #parenting #mumof3 #helpmebeforeilosemymind
  • A day of planning, organising, & completing my first bit of freelance work of 2019 🤗 slightly thrown by a last-minute house viewing that had me chucking the boxes of Christmas lights that had been lingering in our bedroom into the roof at great speed 💨kids went a bit stir-crazy by the end of the day, but otherwise a productive Friday 👊🏻excited by my reading pile too 🤓 what are you reading at the moment? Would love some more recommendations please! #readingchallenge #newyearnewbooks #organisedmum #organisation #productivity #productiveday #organised #januaryreads #littlestoriesofmylife #bromley #londonmum
  • Merry Christmas from all of us (and this tiny terror 😆) Having a fairly chilled Christmas Eve, lots of food and drink and playing games, I think I prefer this day to Christmas Day itself 🎉 now to get the presents out of the loft with stealth 😬😂 #stockingstealth #christmaseve #yesidohavetinselonmybed #tinselforever
  • Because my beautiful girl deserves a spot on the grid 😍 I was never into princesses and all that at her age, but she is (probably for not many more years) and we’re happy to indulge it and make her dreams come true 💁🏼‍♀️ if you can’t be a princess for an afternoon at Disneyland when can you?! #disneylandparis #disneychristmas #disneylandparis2018 #disneyprincess #disneyprincessrapunzel #dreamscancometrue #mostmagicalplaceonearth #mygirl #bippityboppityboutique
  • At least these two are bigger fans of Pluto than their baby brother 😂 #disneychristmas #disneylandparis #disneylandparis2018 #pluto #mostmagicalplaceonearth
  • 3 badass-women together 💪🏻😆 💚 #merdina #disneylandparis #disneychristmas #stronggirlsclub #rolemodelsforgirls
  • Oh hey team! 👋🏻 at the hotel now relaxing in the dark for as the kids fall asleep (alas no mojitos yet although the night is young 😂). We had a great day today although absolutely shattered (we walked over 14km which needed as we have eaten a LOT of crap), had a brilliant character lunch and went on lots of rides compared to yesterday. I think it’s important in the interests of being honest that this trip, although magical in parts, has also been probably our hardest work holiday since we had Arlo. It’s cold, small children are notorious for not wanting to queue for rides (I’m not sure why I expected anything less to be honest 😂) and tempers have been frayed a little more than usual 😬 After wafting around yesterday and feeling like we didn’t get to go on much, we reluctantly spanked some cash on fast passes for us all, and they have been WORTH. EVERY. PENNY- those combined with baby switch (where one parent comes off a ride and immediately swaps with the other) meant we strolled on most rides today with minimal queuing and actually had lots of fun 👍🏻 I often see Facebook/instagram/YouTube stuff on family travel and people travelling with toddlers and/or a few young children, and so many make it look easy, it can make you feel crap if you dare find it stressful on occasion ... judging by several other parents we witnessed today losing their shizz in various languages in the ‘most magical place on earth’, it was comforting that we weren’t alone 😂 tomorrow is our last day and we are looking forward to a day like today with the rides, and maybe a swim to blow the cobwebs away 😊 #disneylandparis #disneylandchristmas #familytravel #travelwithkids #disneywithtoddlers #disneylife #exploretheworld