Obvious Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

gas fireplaceAnyone who loves to sit in front of a fireplace can agree that having one is a luxury in any home and one that brings great comfort. According to one survey conducted, on the property value that a fireplace can bring to your home, shows that on average it can raise the selling price to $12,000, this link will take you to the article in question.

Something that has been around since the middle ages, has in many ways updated its design and even though a few houses still have the traditional wood-burning units, they are more of an aesthetic part of the home than a functional one. But if you are going with a functional appliance to help keep your home warm during the colder seasons, there are a few options to choose from, including gas fireplaces, and also the option of a bioethanol fireplace.

As some of the most effective heating solutions in any home, these have many benefits. We look at a few below. But first, a brief introduction to these units for those who aren’t in the know.

gas fireplace in living room

An Introduction to Gas Fireplaces

These became a popular addition to many properties with the turn of the 21st century. However original versions of these have been around since the 70s, and because not every home required the traditional kind, these, which were easier, low-cost and low maintenance option, were introduced, especially in homes where a conventional chimney was not a need.

Even though chimneys helped to expel the smoke from fireplaces from the inside to the outside, they are not 100% efficient, and there is always a surplus amount of smoke that tends to stay within the premises. Besides this, it can be expensive to get built-in existing and new homes and add up the costs when you take into consideration the cleaning and maintenance thereof.

You can do it yourself, which is not recommended, or hire a chimney cleaning company. Because it needs to be done at least once a year or twice a year in some cases, hiring out a company to do it can add up the costs which in the case of a home that does not need one, is much more cost-effective. On a list of pros and cons, there are more cons of having one: https://decortips.com/homes/the-pros-and-cons-of-having-a-fireplace/

If you do not feel the need to put yourself or your family’s health at risk with smoke inhalation, it is best to find ways to replace your existing place with a new and improved one that will provide the same comfort of a warm home but in a much safer way.

A Few of The Obvious Advantages of Getting a Gas Fireplace

It will help to know what benefits this type of unit carries with it to help you make a calculative decision when choosing one.

Unceasing heat: they provide a continuous stream of heating to your home so you do not need top-up wood or coals because they will not run out or burn to ashes. The heat that is emitted is constant until you switch it off yourself.

No wood needed: it’s as simple as that, there is no chopping of wood or replacing of burned-out wood logs needed to be inserted. Which is also environmentally friendly and you will not be supporting the chopping down of trees. The natural gas options used to operate them are readily available from many stores.

It is cost-effective and saves energy: in comparison to a lot of other types, this saves you up to 25% on your end of monthly energy bills. Making it a much cheaper solution to warming your house.

No cleaning hassles: it is also one of the cleaner solutions and there is no need to continuously remove endless amounts of brunet wood, ashes or coals once they are burnt. You do not need to sweep things up and your chimney will not have a build-up of harmful soot or creosote.

Simple to operate: operating a conventional fireplace takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep the fire going, but with these, things are simple. It is as easy as a plug-in-and-play option where you turn on and off a switch and it instantly heats a room without any back-breaking tasks. What’s more, they come with remote control, which makes these open gas fireplace units easy to operate from any part of the home.

They reach all areas: these have a built-in circulatory system that enables the heat to reach all parts of the room and not just one area. They are highly versatile.

Aesthetic factor: because there are numerous different designs, you can add some aesthetic appeal to your home by placing them in the living room on a wall or in the middle of the area and they will look beautiful and bring out the best in the room. Not to mention it can also add much resale value to the home.

Especially for a home that has children, these are one of the safest options you could invest in because there is no open flame which is dangerous specially if you have kids or sparks flying into the room from the burning wood. They are cool to touch so no one will get burnt or scalded.


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