A Week in San Diego on a $100,000 Salary

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Today, a pharmacist who makes $100,000 a year in San Diego, California, lets us into her week’s expenses.

Occupation: Pharmacist

Age: 32

Location: San Diego, CA

Salary: $100000 salary (approx. $2,900 per pay period)


Day One

My day starts with seeing my children off to school with my husband before driving to my pharmacy for work. I usually bring my own lunch, but today, I feel like ordering takeout. So, after a day filled with paperwork, dispensing medications, and a delicious lunch from the nearby Italian place, I make my way home. My husband and I have been discussing a bathroom model for over a month, so I decide to schedule a consultation. I find an affordable San Diego bathroom remodeling company that even offers financing options with some research.

Total: $14.82

Day Two

After my usual morning routine, I head to my pharmacy, with my home-prepped lunch this time, for another day of paperwork and medications. Once I finish a relatively relaxed day of work, I swing by the grocery store to pick up what we need for tonight’s stir-fry dinner on the way home. Over dinner, my eldest son expresses his concern about being unsure of whether or not he’ll be accepted to his college of choice. So, after some reassurance, I search for a college application consultant near me online. I figure a little extra help and guidance won’t hurt his chances of acceptance either. If he can have assistance with the college admissions process, like improving his writing skills for college essays and finding scholarships, I’m sure he’ll get into his dream school.

Total: $21.65

Day Three

I finish up another typical day at work and go home to pay my electric and mortgage bills for the month. After I’m done with my online bills, I sit down with my husband to come up with some bathroom design ideas to discuss with the contractor when he arrives tomorrow. We decide on some new tile, sink fixtures, and a tub for our new bathroom. Once we’re finished, I settle in for bed, excited about our consultation.

Total: $723.11

Day Four

I hurry straight home after work today to make it to our consultation on time. After reviewing some of our ideas with the bathroom remodel contractor, he gives us an estimate for the job. My husband and I look over the quote and agree on the price. So, our bathroom remodel is scheduled for a couple of weeks from today! Afterward, we celebrate by ordering some pizza for the whole family.

Total: $31.76

Day Five

After an uneventful day of work at the pharmacy, I pick up some donuts to drop by my husband’s work on the way home since he and a few of his coworkers have to pull a late shift at the office. Then, after attending my sons’ football game, we have a quick dinner before bed.

Total: $18.23

Day Six

Finally, with the weekend here, my family and I spend a lazy day hanging around the house. We finish up the evening with a game of Risk, a family favorite of ours. Then, after a few hours of playing and snacking, we call it a night.

Total: $0

Day Seven

On Sundays, we usually visit my parents and spend the day together. After a day of sharing coffee with my mother and watching my father try to keep up with my husband and the boys’ backyard football game, we head home. On the way, I stop by the bank to get the money for my oldest son’s senior trip coming up in a few months. Afterward, we settle in for the night and prep for the upcoming week.

Total: $100


Weekly Total: $909.57


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