My Home Style – Edition 7

Morning! Today, as a special treat, I have a bumper crop of fabulous home inspiration from that time wasting-vortex that is Instagram! Due to being so busy (you can read my mind dump on this if you wish!), I have been off Instagram more than is usual, so imagine my joy when I hopped back in and discovered all the loveliness that had been posted by some of the best bloggers and Instagrammers going.

It always fills me with joy and gives me a lift (however sad that sounds) to see so many pretty homes and some beautiful styling. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly materialistic (several weeks living at my in-laws out of a suitcase has confirmed that I don’t NEED stuff as such), but seeing a pretty home/well thought out space/ unusual home accessory definitely gives me a lift. I think the home we live in, whether big or small, bought or rented, flat or house, is the chance to make our mark, even if you don’t have a huge amount of money, and really showcases someone’s personality. I love seeing what people work in brilliant and inspiring ways with what they have. 

If you want to join in with ‘My Home Style’ on Instagram, just use the hastag #MyHomeStyle, and my lovely co-host, Emma, and I, will pick them up and choose our favourites every fortnight. 

Anyway, as I said before, there are some lovely snaps this week, so sit back, grab a cuppa, and see what my interiors picks of this fortnight are…

First up, it’s a hat-trick from @brickdustandglitter this edition, and I’m enjoying Emily’s summer vibe with all the yellow flowers, and her fab drinks dispenser- Pimms ahoy!

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Aimee’s (@missaimeefleur) arty display is so attractive- really like how the colours of the bowls compliment one another, and also the jar with the ‘horse’ lid- very quirky!


I am a HUGE fan of pretty tiled floors in period homes, and Jo’s (@josidley) gorgeous hallway is no exception:



As a big ‘Kitchen Aid’ fan and owner of a white one, I totally get Chloe’s (@chloegraceb) joy at her red one- a great addition to any kitchen and the red really makes a statement. Great choice, C!



So much of interest here with Lucy’s (@capturebylucy) display. My eye was drawn to the grey and white jug (what is it with me and grey?!), and I ADORE the shrimp/prawn painting- SO cool and SO unusual- I want!




Because I’m feeling tres summery, my eye keeps coming back to pics of flowers, and you can’t beat some bright blooms in planter crates, like these ones by Amelia @ohlittleonesweet. Adam and I have a couple of crates as decoration for our wedding in a couple of weeks, so I hope to put them to good use afterwards!




Now, if you’re a minimalist, you may not think this room by @florenceelkouby is the most relaxing of spaces, but I LOVE IT. So much to look at! I like homes/rooms that showcase someone’s personality. To me, she looks like she has such an interesting life/ life experiences, and leaves me wanting to know more. I’d love to see some more rooms in this home!



As someone who needs to seriously work on their outdoor decking area, I am green with envy at my #MyHomeStyle co-host Emma’s (@littlewoodlife) FABULOUS outdoor seating area. I could happily spend many an hour on a weekend/evening sitting out here- simply lovely!



Alice’s (@mynameis_alpie) living space is ace- the prints on the wall are well thought out and the colours of them look great with the dresser/table, and I really like the chair and the purple lamp. It all works so well together 🙂 PS love the Lego reality on the table too, makes me feel much better! 



The second of 3 of Emma’s (@littlewoodlife) snaps this edition shows what a great home stylist she is. I think I can definitely do some succulents in an old jar as a fab home accessorising idea, although sadly I am lacking in super-cool vintage cameras! 




Donna’s (@genuineplacebo84) jam jar drinking vessels are now on my list to look super-cool at BBQs this summer!




I am SO getting hold of one these prints like @bloomingrooms has, to go in our utility room- ‘Wash Hang Fold Repeat’ is the story of my life these days!




I’ve featured Claire’s (@xclairewoodx) kitchen before on My Home Style, but I like the angle that she’s taken this shot from, as it really shows off what a great downstairs space she has- it just a really good ‘feel’ to it. If this was my home I’d be having parties and gathering all the time! Do you Claire?!




What a great painting idea for a chest of drawers/dresser by Megan (@meganladoucer). I think darker blues are really underrated when it comes to furniture choices, probably because people are worried about it making the room look too dark, but I think they can really ‘pop’ against a light background. Definitely considering something along these lines for the drawers in our new loft room. 



Major bathroom mirror envy here! @notsofrumpy40s apparently got this triple restoration mirror from John Lewis- I so badly want! Just gorgeous!




As a lover of grey in the home (2 rooms now!), I think this workspace of Lins (@booandmaddie)’s is fab, but sadly I don’t think I can use any more of the colour without it starting to look a bit odd! Looks great here though, and I love the white desks.




3rd time of lovliness from Emma this edition, with her beautiful kitchen, I just had to feature it in all its glory! Where do you keep all your stuff though, Em?! Mine is never this neat!




and finally, because you can never have too many flowers, I’ve given you Nanda’s (@nandawiaderna) beautiful pink blooms in an old marmalade pot, the perfect thing to perk up a Monday! What’s not to love?!





I hope you enjoyed my selection this week- what has really got your interiors juices flowing out of these?!



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  1. June 8, 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring me 🙂 Such great company in this post too! Loving all the gorgeous houses x

  2. June 11, 2015 / 10:49 am

    Your hashtag has become some what of an addiction for me, not only for uploading every so often but for the sheer beauty to view – some fab picks xx

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