Montessori Fine Motor Skill Tweezer Transferring Activity

tweezer 1 tweezer 2 tweezer 3 tweezer 4 tweezer 5 tweezer 6

Now, I’ve always loved the principles of Montessori (after all, anything that gets your child wanting to do stuff for themselves is good, right?!), and I will do a more in-depth post soon about what it’s all about, and why I like it.

The other day, I needed to have half hour to concentrate and get a few things done online, which can be tricky as Freddie in particular can be quite demanding of my time (“Mummy, come and play, dooooooooo something with me”). And I do do stuff with both children a heck of a lot of the time, but sometimes, you just need to get shit done. Enter: The Montessori Tweezer Transferring Activity.

I set up a couple of bowls at the kitchen table, one of which was filled with craft pom-poms, and gave Freddie his giant tweezers (a £2 stocking filler last Christmas from Amazon!) to sort and transfer them with from bowl-to-bowl, and off he went!

I’m often surprised by what both children are interested in and what holds their attention- don’t ever think anything is too boring! Freddie really enjoyed this for a good 20 minutes, transferring each pom-pom to the next bowl and sorting them into colour groups. Sasha was fascinated, watching all the time! Transferring activities are great for developing good concentration, and F got real satisfaction from mastering his tweezers. So much so that he’s been ‘transferring’ stuff ever since- small dinosaurs, wooden bricks, you name it, it gets tweezed!

The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy. – Maria Montessori 



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