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When it comes to accessorising within your home, I’m a big believer that one of the main things that makes a real difference to the feel and ambiance of it, is the lighting. Whether it’s softer lighting for a relaxing feel in your living room on a winter’s evening, or a bright lamp to enable you to work from home on a gloomy day, your choices can have a profound effect on the way you utilise your living space. 

I also LOVE lighting designs that are that bit different, that can be a bit of a talking point when someone pops over for a cuppa or for dinner. Enter, LampCommerce, a lighting company that fits the bill perfectly when it comes to catering for those who like to stand out from the crowd. LampCommerce stocks some of the lighting world’s coolest brands, including ‘Artemide’, making it an accessible site for those wanting to add that certain ‘something’ to their home. 

LampCommerce stock a selection of timeless masterpieces, lamps that have become part of design history, with some being on show in some of the world’s most prestigious museums. Real works of art that you can have a piece of within your home. As well as the classics, the website also provides access to the latest designs: from the most prestigious lighting brands to the most modern trend-setters and cutting-edge technologies. 

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect light for our new office space, as well as our living room, so I’ve certainly had a vested interest in perusing the LampCommerce site! Here are some of my favourite picks for the home:

Icone Mintitallux Gru Hanging Lamp


This fab hanging lamp isn’t cheap but would make an AMAZING statement piece within the home over a dining table or similar. I love how the design is simple, yet is so slick and clearly screams ‘classy’. 

Icone Mintitallux Emisfero Table Lamp


I’ve always loved this style of light, and would actually love one of these in the office or our living room- I think they give out just the right amount of brightness and ‘glow’, and they look really stylish. Plus the fact that white goes with almost everything, so most places would be able to give house room to this lovely light.

Flos ‘Splugen Brau’ Hanging Lamp


I really like this pendant-style hanging lamp, and I would love 3 of these spaced evenly and hanging down over a kitchen space or again, a dining table. The chrome effect and shape of the lights would help give a room a really modern and ‘spacey’ feel (or is that just me?!). Love it. 

Axo Light ‘Muse’ Hanging Lamp


One for those who love a pop of colour (me, me!), this would be such a fantastic statement light in a room for those who love their pieces to be talking points. I would REALLY want this in our home if we could have a hanging light in our kitchen diner. This one has been bookmarked!

Terzani ‘Bond’ Hanging Lamp


A group of these would look fantastic hanging in a stairway as a real focal point. The glass sphere’s glossy outer shell belies the delicate gold leaf, and the way the light seeps out of it creates a brilliantly warm glow. 

Fontana Arte ‘Bolla’ Hanging Lamp


The ‘Bolla’ hanging lamp is a real work of art, and the exposed bulb in the transparent blown glass looks beautiful. Again, if I was styling this light I would have a few hanging down over a dining table/breakfast bar. These are truly lovely, and deserve to be seen in all their glory!

Which of these lights is your favourite? Do you have a particular style of light you’re drawn to?

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*Thanks to LampCommerce for collaborating with The Spirited Puddle Jumper. All words and opinions my own.


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