Imaginative Ways You Can Get Creative This Summer

Do you wish you were more creative? Do you feel that your everyday responsibilities are stifling your creative mind? Or do you wish you just had more time to spend on creative pursuits and were able to get creative this summer? If any of these sound familiar, then you’re not alone. 

Engaging in creative activities helps us to focus the mind and release dopamine, a natural anti-depressant hormone. If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety or high-stress levels, then getting creative can also help you keep calm and feel in control. Unfortunately, the hectic lives we lead often leave very few opportunities to open the mind and express ourselves through a medium that speaks to us personally. However, you don’t have to abandon modern life and live in an isolated cottage in the woods to finally get the chance to sit and write that novel (even though the peace and quiet would be great). 

In this post, we’ll explore some imaginative ways you can get your creative juices flowing this summer. Read on to find out more. 

Document Everything 

You might think that your life is far too dull and mundane to even be considered as creative. But, the art of documenting even the smallest of details can suddenly make you realise how full and unique your life really is. Taking photos and having them printed for you by a company such as can really give you a helping hand to get creative when you’re time-pressed!

Also, if you’re looking to print things yourself such as copies of photos of your artwork, or your children’s, you should stock up on printer ink – if you’re looking for an HP ink cartridge, click the link – and start printing memories and writing down what happened to you today. Make a point of holding onto mementoes, everything from shells on the beach that you collected with the kids, to receipts, business cards and event tickets. Take photos of your local area, places that you walk by every day and look at them from a different perspective. You may be surprised at how imaginative this exercise makes you feel. 

Put Your Phone Away 

Social media, games, messages, emails – smartphones are a part of modern life, but they can hinder creativity, leave you constantly comparing yourself to others and distract you from things that make you happy. By keeping your phone at arm’s length you’ll be able to avoid procrastination and will get your creative juices flowing. 

Immerse Yourself Within Creativity 

Whether it’s a rainy weekend or the summer holidays, there are multiple opportunities to immerse yourself in creativity. From taking trips to art galleries and museums with the kids to seeing a play with your partner on an evening, even heading to the beach or visiting the park with your little ones and surrounding yourself with nature can help you feel creative and ready to express yourself through whichever medium you choose. 

But Above All: 

Make A Start 

What’s holding you back? One of the biggest issues within the creative process, whether you’re wanting to crochet a blanket, head outdoors to take nature photos, or write a novel, is our fear of the proverbial “blank page”. Don’t let your fear of failure or your apparent lack of time stop you from simply beginning.  



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