How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Party

If you have finally found your soulmate and are planning to make the relationship official, a big congrats from us! If you have been engaged for a while and are now planning the wedding, we would like to offer useful information to ensure the wedding will be one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Start with a guest list

It is pointless looking at potential venues until you know the number of guests you are planning to invite. You should sit down with your partner and add everyone to the list and once that is complete, you have the information you need to start looking at potential wedding venues.

Choosing a venue

If you choose a resort/hotel that regularly hosts wedding parties, they will have all the amenities that you might need and once you discuss the details, the event manager would be able to give you an all-inclusive quote based on the number of guests and the options you choose. Of course, it is wise to talk to several venues to get a selection of options; it isn’t just the cost, you also have to look at the overall package each establishment is offering.

Bride & groom attire

The only way to go is bespoke wedding suits for both the bride and groom; a Google search will help you to locate custom tailors and you will both look your best on the big day. Choose outfits that match in some way and this will be ideal for a themed event. Made-to-measure solutions ensure a perfect fit and with your choice of fabric, you will look great!


Your choice of entertainment is critical; take your guests into account when choosing either live music or a DJ and the evening is sure to go with a swing! The venue would likely have numerous live acts that you could hire, or maybe you know of someone who DJs in their spare time. Create a few playlists that include tracks your guests love and the party will go on until the early hours.

Create lists

Ask any event planner and they will confirm that making lists is the best way to ensure that nothing is overlooked. If you are IT savvy, why not use Google Calendar to keep everything on a single platform and don’t forget to set notifications. Click here for reasons to stay in a top hotel at least once in your life.

Overnight accommodation

It is likely that some of your guests will wish to stay overnight, which is a good reason to choose a hotel to host the reception. You can ask guests to confirm whether or not they plan to stay overnight and this will allow you to make the necessary preparations. If you are not using a hotel or resort to host the party, search online for local hotels and you can check for availability. No one wants to drive while under the influence and it is good to have other options.

It is important to review everything and confirm with vendors the day before the event and we hope your wedding reception is all you hoped for.


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