Grooming your dog for the seasons

Sun, rain, heat, cold. The elements bring, every year, different pleasures and challenges for humans and their furry companions. Our four-legged friends love to expose themselves to the elements of nature, and we love letting them do this because, let’s admit it: they look even more beautiful under the sun or having fun in the snow. That is, of course, when they’re not sticking their cute snouts into a mud puddle.

Given pets’ enjoyment of the changing seasons, it’s crucial for pet owners to be vigilant in maintaining their companions’ fur care. Each season impacts the health of a dog’s fur in a way, and adapting to these changes to maintain that beautiful and healthy coat is crucial.

Why It’s Critical to Groom Your Dog All Year Round

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing grooming is how beautiful our puppies look after a trip to the pet shop. While this is indeed a factor, it is not the primary reason for maintaining your dog’s coat. Grooming is crucial because it keeps the dog’s skin and fur healthy.

Brushing your pet’s fur not only detangles and removes dead hair but also stimulates the skin’s surface. This action improves blood circulation to the skin, encouraging the distribution of natural oils produced by the skin’s glands.

Moreover, grooming provides an opportunity to closely inspect the condition of an animal’s skin and coat. This hands-on examination can reveal early signs of skin issues such as dryness, oiliness, lumps, bumps, parasites, or infections, allowing for prompt veterinary consultation and treatment.

Another important factor is related to the nails of our furry little ones. Overgrown nails are more than just an aesthetic concern; they can lead to health and comfort issues. As the long nails hit the ground, they exert pressure back into the nail bed, causing discomfort or even pain when walking. Long nails are also prone to splitting or breaking, which can be painful and may lead to infections.

Some animals try to avoid the pain caused by long nails by changing their way of walking, which can strain their joints and lead to more severe health problems.

It’s also necessary to consider the psychological aspects of grooming. It provides excellent opportunities for pets to become accustomed to being touched and handled, which has important implications for their socialisation and overall comfort with human interaction. They learn to accept being touched all over their bodies, including potentially sensitive areas like paws, ears, and tails. This reduces anxiety during vet visits and fosters a closer relationship with their human fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

Seasonal Considerations For Dog Grooming

Let’s delve into the essentials of grooming your dog as the seasons change, adding a dash of zest to the routine.

Spring into Action

As we wave goodbye to the chill of winter, spring ushers in a time of renewal and rejuvenation. A thorough bath will help revitalise your dog’s coat, while a deep-conditioning treatment can restore moisture and shine lost during the colder months. As the days grow longer and your dog spends more time outdoors, regular brushing becomes crucial to remove loose fur and combat shedding. This is also an opportune moment to trim those winter-grown nails and check for any unwelcome guests like ticks or fleas that could be lurking in the newly sprouted grass.

Summer Spruce-up

With the advent of summer, the focus shifts to keeping your dog cool and comfortable. Shortening the coat can be wise for breeds with heavy fur, facilitating better temperature regulation. However, it’s essential to leave enough hair to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Regular baths, more frequent in summer, help combat dirt and sweat accumulation, yet be mindful not to overdo it to avoid stripping natural oils from their coat. Incorporating a gentle, dog-specific sunscreen on exposed skin areas, such as the nose and ear tips, will protect your furry friend from sunburn during those sunny escapades.

Autumn Adjustments

It’s time to prepare your friend for the cooler months ahead. It’s also an excellent time to assess your dog’s skin health, as the changing temperatures can lead to dryness and irritation. Applying a moisturising treatment can help combat these issues. Additionally, keep an eye on those paws; with the arrival of rain and mud, regular cleaning will prevent discomfort and potential infections.

Winter Warm-ups

The cold weather can dry out their skin and coat, so consider using a moisturising shampoo during baths. If your buddy has a long coat, you might opt for just a trim to keep them warm while still preventing mats and tangles. For short-haired breeds, a doggy sweater or coat can provide an extra layer of warmth during walks in the chilly outdoors. Pay special attention to paw care in winter; the salt and chemicals used to de-ice pavements can be harmful, so washing their paws after outdoor adventures is crucial.

Is It Worthwhile Going to a Professional Groomer?

Definitely yes. Taking your best friend to a professional groomer is an act of love and affection. The experts know exactly which parts deserve more attention and use their experience to make the whole process more relaxing for the little dog. Moreover, they are better able to identify any skin problems or infections the furry one may have, alerting the owners so that the problem doesn’t become even more significant.

Finally, there’s the matter of convenience. Dog groomers in Liverpool offer faster and more efficient services than at-home grooming. Regular check-ins with a professional groomer can complement your home grooming routine, ensuring your best friend is always in tip-top shape, no matter what the weather brings.


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