How To Plan A Family Holiday Abroad

family holiday

There is nothing better than a family holiday, spending time with your loved ones in the sun and creating happy memories! This being said, they can be difficult to organise and there is always one person who has something to complain about. Here are our top tips to help you plan a holiday that the whole family will love!

Choose the destination

The best way to choose a destination is to let everyone have some input into where they would like to go. Whether this is to make a family group chat and bounce ideas off each other, or to all sit down around the table and narrow down the options. This is a great time to share a budget with the family, so they can be realistic about what to expect and the types of destinations that they should consider. It can be fun to try new locations, so if you always go to Spain why not give Greece a go this summer? If you work for the NHS, you could be entitled to an NHS TUI discount.

Create a budget

Upon booking your accommodation and flights, think about how much you are wanting to spend when you are there. This will depend on whether you are going all-inclusive or self-catering, as you will need to bring extra money for food if this is not included. Are there any landmarks or activities that you want to do? Try to pre-book these to get a better rate, and this can also help with your budgeting. Encourage your children to save their pocket money so they can buy souvenirs or extras they may want, as this is a great way to teach them about good spending habits.  


Try to pack as early as you can, to help you remain calm and prevent any last-minute stress or worries! This also gives you the opportunity to triple check you have everything that you need. Change your holiday money before arriving at the location or airport, as you will often get a better exchange rate – making your holiday money go that extra bit further.

Calming nerves

If it is your first family holiday or your child’s first flight then there are bound to be nerves. Talking always helps, and explaining the process thoroughly to your child before the trip can help them know what to expect.  If you get travel sick, make sure to purchase some travel sickness tablets and wrist bands, and always have a bag on you just in case you need it. Bring a good book or download a film to help keep you distracted – and remember a holiday is supposed to be fun so try to enjoy it!


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