How To Perfectly Set Your Party Table

Hosting a party to celebrate a special occasion is always fun, but it can also be stressful because there is so much to think about. Planning as much in advance as you can is the best option, taking each element at a time and ensuring that you have done all you need in that regard before moving onto the next. It does mean you will need to start planning earlier, but it also means that the entire event will be much less stressful, and it will be exactly how you want it to be. 

One of the things you’ll want to think about if you’re having a sit-down dinner party is your party table and how to set it perfectly to ensure it looks good and is comfortable too. Read on to find out what you should be thinking about. 


If you want your table to look stylish and attractive, always cover it with linen tablecloths and napkins. The tablecloth isn’t just there to look good (although it certainly will do that); it’s there to protect your table. Plus, you can hide any stains or marks by using the tablecloth. The fact that you can choose any color and quite often an interesting pattern means you can even use your tablecloth as an element of your party theme if you choose to, or you can have plain white for a sophisticated look. When it comes to keeping your table setting in place, elastic table covers can be a real help, and mean that your party items won’t end up on the floor! 

Napkins are a great addition to the table setup as well. Your guests will appreciate them since they’ll stop any dropped or spilled food from landing on nice clothing, but you can use them as an excellent table decoration too, especially if you’re able to fold them into fun shapes. 

Think About Your Cutlery 

Your cutlery doesn’t have to be highly expensive or made of solid silver to look good, although, of course, it will always need to be functional. You will need to spend some time ensuring that every piece you lay on the table is clean and polished as much as possible; it always looks more impressive that way. 

You should also research the right way to lay your cutlery. There is a specific order for each knife, fork, and spoon, and a particular place on the table for them to lie. This extra touch will show your guests that you have really thought about the table setup, and it will also give them an idea as to what they might be having for dinner if they spot a soup spoon or a salad fork, for example. 

Have A Centerpiece 

Your party table might look beautiful already, but having one show stopping centerpiece is essential to set it off and make it memorable. The larger your table, the larger the centerpiece should be otherwise it will get lost and may not even be noticed. On a smaller table, you will only need a small centerpiece; choosing something large will take up too much space and make the guests uncomfortable. 

Ideas for your party table centerpiece include candles, fresh-cut flowers, lights, or a wreath (either homemade or store-bought). Make sure that any candles you use are unscented so that you don’t overwhelm the food and that they have sturdy bases for safety reasons. 



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