How to make your home secure, without sacrificing on design

keys in handFunction and form. Both are undeniably a collision! But, when both function and form are made to work with each other to make your home secure, only then can they fulfil the demands of both. When it comes to how function and form work in the home, this is certainly no exception!

Function can vary from using the kitchen to cook, or the living room for communal gatherings. Whatever the function of the home may be, if you’re an interior design enthusiast, you’ll understand there are prominent aesthetic needs that come into play.

So, the question begs to differ. How can you keep your home secure, without sacrificing design?

Home security is a must for the average home. Having the relevant security features and products installed is a crucial way to avoid theft or burglary. The very best fire alarms or theft detectors can prove to be visibly unpleasant sometimes. Alarm panels, surveillance cameras, and other essential home security essentials are an interior designer’s worst nightmare! With a lack of visual appeal, people tend to avoid taking the best steps to protect their families.

Lighting and decor

Lighting is a brilliant way to create the illusion that someone is home! Burglaries tend to take place in homes that look empty in presence. Which is exactly why, lights are an ideal way to make burglars more reluctant to intrude the property. Smart lighting is one way to combine design with functionality. With remote access to lighting and appliances, you will be able to easily control your lights whilst elsewhere. This gives even more believability that someone is home!

Décor such as curtains, can also be a great way to keep possessions out of eye. When curtains are closed, burglars tend to avoid scoping the home as they want to minimise time spent inside. With closed curtains discreetly hiding your valuables, this will most likely ward off unauthorised entry.

Minimal Door and Window locks

Now, I understand this is a relatively obvious way to secure the home. But, it’s fair to say that we tend to forget to do this from time to time. Reinforcing old and misfunctioning door locks is a great way to heighten the level of home security. Typically, when buying a home, locks remain the same as when first built, and they tend to also be fitted with a cheap product. This is a discreet and highly effective measure which can ensure you’re not comprising the beauty of your home!

Let us not dismiss that windows are equally an entry point to the home. Closing and locking the window is obviously quick and easy to do! During the hot Summer months, this may not always be possible. Even if you’re home, you may be in another area of the house. Making the open window blowing in the breeze, a vulnerable point. To increase the level of security while avoiding compromising form, why not consider a cable window restrictor?

The cable window restrictors main role is to prevent a window from opening more than a fixed distance. With roughly 100mm set as the fixed distance, this can be an ideal way to hold form and function together cleanly.

Hidden cameras

Security cameras are most certainly a revolutionary piece of tech, which allows you to keep an eye on the home from afar. Sadly, they are often visually unattractive. Wiring running through the home can really ruin the overall design of a room or outdoor area.

But, a fantastic way to avoid this from happening in the home, is to discreetly hide your home security camera through ‘final touches’! Now, what I mean by final touches, is objects that are used to tie the aesthetics together. Whether you’re using a gorgeous wreath, or an everyday household object like a tissue box, cameras can be hidden in anything, and anywhere!

Home Safes

It would be fair to say that the average home, does in fact hold several valuables. Whether they’re high value in cash, or sentimentality, valuables need protecting! So, aside from the obvious ways to secure the home like locking doors and windows, how can you protect your most prized possessions?

Well, a home safe of course! Home safes may not necessarily always be the most complimentary object in the home, but it does do the job. With numerous options to explore when seeking a safe for the home, it’s important to look for something ideal for you. The ideal type of safe, which provides form and function would be a built-in-wall safe. Providing minimal appearance through discreet coverage, you can easily protect your valuables. Built-in-wall safes can be hidden with a quirky mirror, painting or even a wardrobe! Making this a leading solution to avoid compression form for function.  

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