How to Have a Relaxing Family Holiday

Whether it’s a getaway with the in-laws or a summer holiday spent with the kids, you want to be enjoying every minute of your hard-earned break and have a relaxing family holiday. With over a third of British families jetting off for some much-needed sun last year, the popularity of households travelling abroad is on the rise.

However, spending time with the family whilst overseas can sometimes be a little chaotic. The tranquillity you daydreamed about is often lost under the mountains of suitcases to pack and time spent keeping the younger ones occupied.

So, escape the daily routine, reconnect with loved ones and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime on your family holiday this year. Here are four top tips to help you relax and unwind whilst keeping everyone happy.

Keep the Kids Busy

A relaxing family holiday doesn’t have to mean every day spent by the pool. Family activity holidays have something for everyone, whether that’s the morning spent on the tennis courts or the day spent mastering a new sport.

Take advantage of inclusive kids’ clubs to give you the opportunity to spend your relaxation time how you see fit. Not only will the children have a blast making new friends and taking up new hobbies, by the time the evening comes, the youngsters will have exhausted all of their excitable holiday energy. Bedtime will be a breeze! 

Preparation is key

Is there anything worse than having your name echoing through the airport as you’re called to the gate for final boarding? To save you the embarrassment and to make the travel day as smooth sailing as possible, ensure you prepare well in advance.

If you’re a list-writer, this one’s for you. Start curating the ultimate packing list for you and the family a few weeks before you go, making sure to include games to keep the kids busy and in-flight comforts like neck pillows and snack pots.

Although it might be obvious, arriving at the airport with an out-of-date passport is not unheard of, so do a double check of everyone’s documents before you leave too.

Location, Location, Location

Spend time choosing the right location for you and your family. If you’re all into sports, opt for a region with plenty to do. With resorts offering activities like mountain biking, windsurfing and yoga, the opportunities are endless.

Choosing a villa with a pool or a hotel close to the beach will help to solve any run ins with boredom. Holidaying in an area with different towns reachable by car or public transport allows you to explore the local culture as well as find new things to see and do.


Remember; take time for yourself, try to choose somewhere that meets everyone’s needs (including your own!) and enjoy the time you spend away with your family. A getaway with the family is the perfect chance to nurture familial bonds and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day routine.

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