How to Choose Glasses That are a Perfect Match to Your Style

The right eyewear can help to shape people’s perception of you, so it’s important to choose it well. Firstly, you need to take your physical appearance into account, such as the shape of your face and your skin tone. Other than your physical appearance, your lifestyle, personality and taste in fashion (such as if you love stylish Rayban Glasses) are other important criteria. To choose the right glasses, ask yourself the following questions.

What shape face do you have?

One of the keys to choosing the right frames is to select eyewear that takes your face shape into account. For a heart-shaped face, frames that balance your forehead width with the narrowness of your chin are ideal. Steer away from frames that emphasize your forehead. 

Oval or round glasses will balance and create a thinner look on a square face, but boxy frames draw attention to square features. Square or rectangular frames will look better on a round face than small, round frames. 

Small, geometric frames work well on an oval face, but overlarge eyewear can throw off its natural balance. Try frames with more depth than width to balance out an oblong face. 

The frame size should be in proportion to your face size. If you have a wide face, you need to avoid frames that are too narrow for your face and vice versa. You can’t go without your glasses for long, and if you break or lose them, you can order a new pair of prescription 24 hour eyeglasses online. 

What’s your skin tone?

Your eyewear color should complement your personal coloring. Everyone has a specific skin tone they need to take into account when choosing frame color. If you have rich brown hair, a warm skin tone, and brown eyes, wearing cool blue frames might look wrong. 

For warm skin tones with a green or yellow undertone, colors that work best are brown, gold, beige, tortoiseshell, copper, coral or peach. For cool skin tones with a bluish undertone, colors that work well are blue-gray, blue, silver, rose-brown and black. Some people have a small collection of frames in their favorite colors that suit their skin tone. 

What’s your personality?

People can tell a lot about your personality from your eyewear. Your eyewear should showcase your quirky, fun nature or reflect the serious side of your personality. 

Bright yellow, purple, pink or red frames are a great choice for fashionistas who don’t mind attracting attention. Many frames today come in colors and patterns that make them a perfect way to reflect a colorful personality. 

If you want frames that recede and blend in with your face as much as possible, rimless, understated frames are the best option. Older men often choose thin, timeless frames with a mature, understated look. If you’re an older woman with silver hair, a black frame in a unique, funky shape can make you look younger. 

What work do you do?

When choosing eyewear, the work you do will play a role in your choice. The best eyewear for accountants, lawyers and other professionals usually comes in classic shapes and colors like black, silver, brown, and gray. These colors match well with business suits and make people take you more seriously. 

If your work is more creative, your eyewear choice can reflect this. Designers, musicians, artists and other creative individuals instinctively tend to go for eyewear that makes a statement. A pair of vintage or retro frames in an eye-catching color or bold, oversized eyewear can reflect their creativity. 

Are you a very active person?

People who have a very active lifestyle need to choose frames that are durable and practical. For instance, frames should be flexible enough to bend without breaking. Plastic lenses have much less chance of breaking than glass ones. 

Light but tough frames, such as those made of titanium, are well suited to an active lifestyle. Wearing heavy frames can be uncomfortable and cause headaches when doing outdoor activities like playing tennis or hiking. 

Those who spend a lot of time outdoors will need to consider lens coatings that protect their eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Anti-glare and anti-scratch lens coatings are also helpful when spending time outdoors. 

What’s in your closet?

Many frames come in neutral colors that go with most clothing colors. However, taking a good look at your wardrobe can help you to narrow down what color and style of frame to choose. Do you prefer to wear bright, primary colors or soft muted tones? Are most of your clothes in similar colors, or do you wear a varied palette? Is your style of clothing more classic and timeless or trendy and modern? You want to choose frames that complement the color and style of the clothes you wear. 


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