5 Ways to Celebrate Your Faith At Home

Living life as a family of faith has a multitude of benefits, including being able to celebrate your religion at home with your loved ones. Far too many people were raised in homes that did not celebrate faith or belief, and as such many children have grown into adults that don’t celebrate their faith at home either.

This article will show you five simple ways to celebrate your faith in your home and find ways to bring your religion to life – even when you are not at church.

  1. Sacred Sundays

Keep faith alive in your home by keeping Sundays as sacred days. After you and your family have returned from your church service, spend the rest of your Sunday together as a family.

You can celebrate your faith by reading scripture together or playing fun games that are spiritually-minded. By honoring the Sabbath, you can find a balance between your normal life and your spiritual life and join the two.

  1. Pray Together

Families that pray together, stay together. That isn’t just a catchy turn of phrase; there is truth to that statement. Make time every evening to pray together as a family.

Take turns to share something that you are each grateful for from your day, and share ways that you have kept the faith alive in a decision that you made during the course of your day.

Prayer can be worked into the fun activities that you plan for your children.

Praying as a family doesn’t have to be a lengthy process; it can be as simple as gathering around the dinner table after dinner each night and offering gratitude to God.

  1. Learn Together

No one has all the answers, especially when you have young children asking all kinds of questions. Children are curious by nature and sometimes their questions can be difficult to answer.

Instead of ignoring their questions, take time to discover the answers together as a family – where possible. Google evidence of the book of Mormon, and spend time together going through the articles listed.

  1. Decorate Appropriately

Your home should be your safe space. Use the bare walls and areas around your home to dedicate and devote space to your faith. These décor items will serve as constant reminders to be grateful and keep a pure heart.

You can find plenty of options online, or ask your local church for recommendations on where to buy items. You can also choose your favorite scriptures and have them printed onto canvas blocks to hang around your home.

  1. Create a Sacred Space

Every home should have a sacred space dedicated to its faith. That room becomes a safe space for you and your family to share your thoughts and feelings with God. You can also use this space to bless your children for the day before they leave for school.

Setting aside just one room or a space for your faith will completely transform the atmosphere in your home.

Faith should never be an inconvenience for you – you should want to have your home be a shining example of how you feel like a family.


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