How to Build Garden Furniture

If you’re looking to add a little extra value to your home and provide yourself with a little bit of extra outdoor living space during summer, then investing in the right garden furniture, and knowing how to build garden furniture can be more than worthwhile. In fact, if you decide to build your furniture yourself rather than making the ready-made stuff, you might find that you end up with something that’s distinct and different. Get good at making bespoke garden furniture, in fact, and you might find yourself with a respectable side-hustle.

So, what do you need to get started with this particular hobby? Let’s take a look.

What you need to get started

There are a few tools that just about every aspiring furnituremaker will need to get hold of. Of these, the most important is probably the combi drill. This is what will allow you to afix one length of timber to another. Before you get into advanced joinery, it’s worth starting with woodscrews and holes. A drill and the right bits, and possibly a combi-driver, is all you need to get started doing just that.

Obviously, you’ll also need a means of cutting your lengths of timber. You’ll have several options here. The easiest place to get started is with a handheld circular saw. With it, you’ll be able to perform long rip cuts as well as cross-cuts. Just watch out for kickback and make sure that you’ve observed all of the appropriate safety precautions.

Of course, then there’s the timber itself. Easiest to work with in the beginning is sheet timber, which comes in convenient sheets, and will resist warping.

Benefits of making your own furniture

The first thing to notice about this kind of craft is that it’s inexpensive – up to a point. Once you’ve invested time getting over the learning curve, you’ll be able to churn out projects every weekend. Until that point, however, it’s undoubtedly cheaper to just buy an item of furniture straight off the shelf.

What can’t be disputed is that furniture-making will allow you the freedom to follow your imagination, and the needs of your space. You’ll be able to make something to measure, using materials that mainstream garden centres won’t favour.

Finally, we should mention that making your own furniture is fun. If you need a way to vent some creative energy over the weekend, then there are few better than this one.

Consider going this as a side-hustle

One of the great things about making furniture is that there’s always going to be demand for high-quality pieces. You might need to develop some skills before you’re ready to turn a profit. Be open-minded, and look for your niche. You might get some joy flipping items that are already up for sale. Just be patient, build your skillset, and start by selling items to friends and family. If you know how to market yourself, then word will spread.


So that’s how to build garden furniture! See some more of my DIY posts here


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