Home Maintenance – 5 Tips from the Professionals

Buying your first home is definitely a milestone; getting your foot on the first rung of the property ladder is the aim of us all, and when you finally are able to afford to make a real estate investment, your take on the liability of the property owner. Building and home maintenance cannot be overlooked; leave a house empty for a few months, and things start to go wrong.

Here are a few home maintenance tips to help you navigate property upkeep.

  1. Roof inspections – The only component of the building that you can’t see, the roof needs to be inspected by a local roofer; most homeowners do this annually and the contractor issues you with a detailed report on the status of your roof. If there are any issues, they can be promptly repaired, saving you money. The guttering should be cleaned out and any moss or debris removed from the tiles; the roofer would check every square foot, looking for any minor issues.
  2. Pre-source trades – Start with Dr Leak Plumbing in Sydney, then find a local electrician, heating engineer and small builder; store these numbers in your device and should you ever be in need of a plumber, you are good to go. If you have a large garden, find a local landscape gardener who can keep the garden looking neat and tidy and prune and shape the trees. Pres-sourcing saves valuable time in the event of a blocked drain or another catastrophe.
  3. Prompt repairs – Buildings erode and when issues arise, they never resolve themselves, rather the problem gets worse; as soon as you are aware of an issue, jump on it, which keeps repair costs to a minimum. Don’t skimp on repairs, as this leads to frequent problems and only use qualified tradespeople. Click here for a range of kitchen styles you might like to browse.
  4. Regular walkarounds – This ensures that nothing gets overlooked; look for damp patches on ceilings and walls, signs of mould, check window frames, and exterior brickwork and keep an eye out for dampness. Make note of things like dripping faucets and squeaky doors, then when you have time, you can resolve the issues.
  5. Plan ahead – If you plan ahead, you can book a plumber and add it to your calendar. Tradesmen are busy folk and if you are planning a maintenance, book ahead. Some homeowners have a board in the kitchen, where all the maintenance tasks and numbers are posted, that way, you won’t forget anything. Booking an HVAC service early makes sense; now is the right time for climate control servicing.

As you gain more experience, maintaining the home will become second nature and your major investment is always in good condition. Keep on top of things and remember some things are seasonal and should you ever be in need of emergency services, Google is your best friend.

Home improvements add value to a property, plus you can enjoy a more luxurious ambience.


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