Which Kitchen Style Should You Go For?

Have you been thinking about remodelling your kitchen? Is there something about your kitchen that you’re not quite happy with and want to do some redecorating? If the answer is yes, then you may find this article useful. The kitchen is the heart of your home, you want it to reflect your style, and your home’s character. This is why it’s important to get your kitchen decor right, as it may not quite feel like home when it isn’t! 

Trend Transformations Bolton have put together this article detailing the most popular kitchen styles, to give you inspiration on your kitchen remodelling journey. Keep reading if you’re in need of some kitchen inspiration. 

Traditional kitchens 

By far one of the most popular kitchen styles is traditional. Traditional decor is timeless, elegant, and classic. It’s a style many people gravitate towards as it never goes out of fashion, which is what you want for your kitchen. If you’re someone that loves conventional kitchen colours such as earthy dark tones, then a traditional style kitchen may be the ideal one for you. 

Cabinets & worktops 

In a traditional style kitchen, the cabinets are usually made out of wood and have an antique finish. Mahogany and maple are types of wood with less grain, which is usually considered to be a timeless look. Glass doors on wooden cabinets are also a traditional choice, and convenient too. You can use 3D kitchen design software to see how it all looks when put together.

As for kitchen worktops, quartz and granite are both excellent materials that never go out of fashion. This is because quartz and granite worktops go with a vast array of traditional and modern styles, making them a fantastic option for all kitchens, including traditional ones. Live edge is a more modern but classy looking option for topping for a bar, kitchen table or dining table, with the raw edge of a piece of lumber left intact so it is like the tree was split and was turned into a table right on the forest floor! You can find some great ones by looking at https://alderferlumber.com/collections/wood-slabs-for-bar-tops. 

If you want to switch to quartz or granite countertops but don’t want to go through the hassle of demolishing your current kitchen, there is a concert solution for you. Worktop overlays are a quick, mess-free way to achieve the traditional look you’re searching for, without the need for major work to be done. Worktop overlays are cut to fit your kitchen, and simply placed over your existing countertops, giving you the style you want, without the hassle. 

Modern and contemporary 

Modern and contemporary style kitchens are another hugely popular design choice. These kitchens differ a lot from traditional styles, but are very popular and trendy nonetheless. Modern kitchens look very chic and sophisticated, consisting of neutral colours that give them a very fresh appeal. 

Cabinets and worktop choices 

The main choice of cabinet for most modern and contemporary kitchens are flat, slab doors. They are usually in neutral colours such as white, beige, and grey. They avoid detail and have a very minimalist appearance, which offers a chic contemporary finish. 

Kitchen worktop wise, marble and quartz are two very popular choices. Marble has a sleek, modern, minimalist charm to it that other materials cannot replicate. The veining is important when it comes to marble, setting it apart from the rest. 

Quartz is another fantastic contemporary kitchen worktop choice. Not only does it look fantastic and modern, it is durable and scratch resistant, an ideal choice for many kitchens.

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