The Good Gift Guide for Dads…

I know we can often moan a bit about how the men in our life let us get on with all things domestic, or when it comes to organising the family. Or we joke that they wouldn’t be able to cope on a weekend alone with the kids, or that they don’t notice the little details like us women do. Now, whether this is true or not, I’m hoping that many of you out there will shake your head at this, and think what sexist claptrap I’m spewing, and that you all have super blokes you you can depend on for anything. If this is the case, then the man in your life certainly needs spoiling! 

I’m lucky to have a fella who falls in the latter camp of Dads/husbands <vom alert!>, and since it’s his birthday coming up next month, I thought I’d compile a little gift guide for him, featuring some potential purchases to thank him for being so ace….It’s a good job he doesn’t actually read my blog very often, which on second thoughts, might demote him in the super-husband stakes…. 😉 

CanvasNavy Sweatshirt – Zara – £25.99

Personalised Miniature Blended Whisky in a box – Just Miniatures – £3.99

Split Suede Tassel Loafers – Zara – £59.99

Nespresso Capsule Selection – Amazon – £20.79

Lego Creator Campervan – Lego – £86.45

Just Brick It book – Amazon – £13.48

Crystal Palace Mug – CPFC – £9.95


What would the chap in your life fancy if he could be spoiled?!


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