Get The Best From Your Family Aquarium With These Top Tips!

aquariumMaybe you’ve just got a small aquarium in the corner of your room, perhaps you’ve got a room dedicated to an aquarium. It depends how much of a hobby it is. It might be that your children have a small aquarium in their room. A family aquarium can be infinitely relaxing, just like a swimming pool. It’s great to look at, and makes the room it’s in look great depending on the fish you have. Some are more high maintenance than others, so it’s usually better to start off with goldfish or zebra danio. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your aquarium. 


Pick The Right Fish

It’s important you pick the right fish for the aquarium in question. If you have a small aquarium, there’s no point looking at some of the fish which require a larger aquarium, such as the tinfoil barb for example. If you have a smaller tank and still want fish which look amazing, you’d be better off looking at betta fish. They’re bright, vivid and colourful, but at the same time they require their own care as they can sometimes be quite aggressive. The likelihood is your kids, if you’re buying fish for them, will want some of the larger and quirkier looking fish. Don’t just buy what they like. Talk to the store owner or do some research online to make sure you’re buying ones with care needs you can adapt to. 


Use an Appropriate Stand

A great stand can add to the decor of the room, but it also ensures the aquarium is safe. Sometimes the stand itself is part aquarium, whereas other times it’s a simple wooden stand or storage unit for food and fish accessories. The most important thing to consider is safety. It needs to hold the tank properly otherwise there could be an accident. This is even more important if you have younger kids around because they can reach up and pull it down, so in some cases you’ll need to drill the stand itself into the wall. Take this into account before you buy one. Remember, the tank itself is quite heavy, but when you’re adding all of that water into it it’s even more weighty and can cause serious damage if dropped from a height.


Spruce Up The Room Further

You’ve got a room with a family aquarium in, so you can further add to the vibe of the room with decorations reminiscent of the sea or great lakes. You can use decorations within the tank, which the fish will appreciate, but you can also use external decorations to enhance the mood of the room. You can think about a good nature tapestry or maybe a wall hanging to complement the fishtank in the room. Usually, the tank is the feature point of the whole room, depending on its size of course. So some people like to dress up other areas of the room appropriately. Everyone is different but the right decoration can really make the aquarium and the room in general pop.


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