Football, A Fine School, and Finding Some Photography Feet…

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Hello there, and Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend? On Saturday, I decided to join Adam on a rare trip to watch one of his football club’s matches. Whilst i’d like to say it was because I’m a devoted football fan, my presence, was, in fact, due to the AWESOME setting the match was taking place in. I had actually heard of Charterhouse School, near Godalming, Surrey, and it is one of the most exclusive public schools in England (about 32K to send your child here!!! How the other half live, eh?!), with a rich history. Founded in 1611, the school grounds are vast (perfect for toddler roaming!), with some breathtaking architecture and beautiful landscaping complete with bountiful spring flowers. For that amount of money a year, i’d expect nothing less! So because of the location, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a play about with my Nikon whilst the kids were content playing, and Adam was watching the game. See? A happy Saturday afternoon for everybody!

I’ve had my DSLR for over 3 years now, and whilst i’ve used it a fair bit, I haven’t actually sat down and read the book that I bought to help me explore all of the settings, and therefore learn to take better pictures. So on Saturday, it was nice to actually have a good couple of hours to tinker about. Charterhouse was a great place to do just that, as I love taking pictures of buildings, and also flowers- I love how they can really ‘pop’. And how can I forget our beautiful children? They really are the best subjects, always so playful, inquisitive and thoughtful.

After a while, Freddie was very interested in what I was doing. Now his hands are bigger, I let him have a go on my camera, with some supervision. You can see the results below! I have edited them, in terms of them being colour or black and white, but the rest is his handiwork:

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^^^^ Ok, so whilst i’m not especially keen on being snapped so up close and personal, I actually rather like these photos as they’re fun and playful and real, what with the wrinkles and slightly dodgy teeth! Fred snapped before I could move backwards, but it’s actually worked better for more candid snaps.

chart 21 chart 22 chart 23

^^^^Then F took a few pics of Grandad, and a couple of him with Sasha. Apart from the tree coming out of Sasha’s head, I think this is a really lovely shot! Not bad for a 3 year old!

Because of Freddie’s interest in taking photos, i’m wondering if it might be worth buying a child’s digital camera like THIS for our holiday next month? Would he be too young? I believe in nurturing creativity from an early age, so thinking it might be worth it… Plus, I reckon he’d have lots of fun with it!

What do you think? At what age did your child first get a camera? Would love to hear your opinions!

Have a great week! x

PS Our football team won the cup, 3-0!



  1. Mummy Says
    April 7, 2014 / 11:30 pm

    Absolutely beautiful photos! My little one is only two but he is already showing an interest in grabbing my phone to take photos. I can’t imagine it will be long before he asks for a “camera like daddy’s”. I can’t wait to get him one – but it’s a few years away! x

    • April 8, 2014 / 7:35 pm

      Me too, can’t wait! Hoping if I do get F one now, then i’m not being too premature! x

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