Five Fun Family Activities To Try This Summer

Each year, whenever the summer holidays roll around -parents across the country are met with the challenge of keeping their kids entertained day in and day out with fun family activities. However, this is sometimes much easier said than done – especially if you have to keep toddlers and teens busy simultaneously – and want to avoid hearing the phrase, ‘I’m bored’ one thousand times a day.

However, despite that, there are plenty of fun family activities that you can participate in to keep boredom at bay this summer. Here are some great ideas to get you started! 

Watch live sports together. Watching live sporting events is a great way to spend quality time together as a family and can encourage your children to enjoy sports, whether that means you buy tickets to watch a match in person or stream it on your TV. For example, if you are a big fan of the teams that play Rugby in SA, you should keep an eye out for when their next match is scheduled. Furthemore, watching (and discussing) sports is also a great way to get your children interested in fitness and exercise – and may even encourage them to sign up for a local team. This is a great way to ensure your children follow a healthier lifestyle

Host a movie night. When it comes to summer holiday activities, they often seem to come with a heavy price tag – which can be difficult to afford if you’re working with a budget. However, it’s important to remember that having fun doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, you could turn your living room into a cinema and host a family movie night. You can make it a little more exciting by creating cinema stub tickets and making your own fun cinema-style snacks such as popcorn and slushies. You should also ensure that everyone gets a say in which film you watch. 

Go on an outdoor adventure. There are many benefits of spending more time outdoors. For example, being outside (and in the sunshine) can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helping every member of your family to relax. Therefore, an outdoor adventure – whether that means you walk through a local park or venture further afield for a countryside hike – is another great choice for a family day out. Be sure to bring plenty of energy-boosting snacks for the journey. 

Head to a museum. If you’re looking for a free family day out that will be both fun and educational, you can’t go wrong with a museum visit. However, try not to visit a museum you have been to before – as there are plenty of different museums out there for you to explore. For example, instead of a museum that focuses entirely on history – you could visit a pop culture, film or music museum.

Set up your own obstacle course. Right now, many families will be on the lookout for ways to keep their kids entertained when staying at home – especially if a member of their household has to isolate or local restrictions change. Thankfully, in addition to virtual forms of entertainment such as zoom quizzes and online games – you can also find a way to make your garden a hive of fun activities – taking outdoor play to the next level.  For example, you could turn it into an obstacle course and see who can complete it in the quickest time.


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