Creating a memorable christening

Christenings are one of the first major events in your baby’s life, and although they might not remember – you and the guests have every reason to. These easy steps will make sure it’s a memorable christening.


Choose your church

Different churches not only have different requirements for holding a ceremony, but also different services they provide during your ceremony. Scout out your local churches well in advance to make sure you can pick the right venue and service for you.

Choose a theme

 A reception is a great way to give all your guests the chance to mingle and to get that important time with you and baby after the ceremony, and what better way to make it memorable than by incorporating a theme. Go traditional with a colour scheme or even use your baby’s favourite show or book as a theme if they are a bit older at the time of the ceremony! Common themes are events all in pink or blue and may include Peter Rabbit decorations and creatively decorated cakes.

Send invitations

 Not only do invites help guests by providing a physical reminder of the date, they can also be used as a keep-sake or repurposed in a memory book further down the line. Choosing invitations you love doesn’t have to break the bank, and you can personalise them even further if you write in them yourself. Some stores offer beautiful christening cards in bulk or sell them individually, which is helpful to reduce costs or if you intend to choose different styles and designs for each guest.

Pick the outfit

As the star of the show, what your baby wears for their christening is often a key talking point between guests so make sure you pick it out well ahead of time. Just like invites they can be repurposed further down the line into things like memory blankets or become a family tradition in following christenings.

At what age should my baby be christened?

Things have changed and certain traditions aren’t followed as closely as they used to be. “One in three Church of England christenings is now of a child between the ages of one and 12”, the BBC reports. According to the article, parents may wait for a second child in order to have both children christened together.

Not only are children now often older when they are christened but they tend to have more godmothers and godfathers than was the case traditionally.

No matter how you chose to plan the event, a memorable christening can be a special time and create a closer bond between parents and their child.


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