Choosing the best serviced office space for your growing business

As someone who was an office manager in a previous life (it starts to become clear why I LOVE organisation so much!), and also someone who is now essentially self-employed and running two businesses/working two different roles, I realise the importance of finding the right place to work from. 
Whilst being able to work from home is great, there are many reasons why hiring serviced offices is the best solution to finding a new home for your business. From the amazing buildings you can move to, to outstanding facilities and all for a great price without having to sign a 5-year lease. It’s easy to see why serviced offices are more popular than ever before, so once you’ve decided to use one to forward your business the next hard part is choosing where. Here’s some of the best service office locations and why, to get you feeling inspired:
Transport Connections
With networking being so pivotal to a business’s success, being based in central London can be
hugely beneficial when making contacts. With serviced offices like the ones from BE Offices located
in some of London’s trendiest areas such as St Pauls and Shoreditch’s financial district, being located
in an area with great transport connections is really important to the future success of your business to
enable hiring a quality workforce and connecting with other successful businesses in the area.
Image Boosting Areas
Regardless of the type of industry that you work in, your business image should always be a main
concern. By using a serviced office in a trendy up and coming area such as Clapham or an area which
has a great reputation in your industry, you’ll be able to hugely boost the profile of your organisation.
Using serviced offices can help you to expand your small business without having to pay the
extortionate prices that come with sourcing new premises as you’ll become more well-known and
respected in your industry simply by association.
With there being so many different serviced office locations to choose from, thinking about the
different facilities an area offers is vital. From having lots of nice restaurants and bars to be enjoyed
on a lunch time to being located close to a post box and local super market, every business has
different needs which should be taken into account. Being located in central London is has a lot of
appeal thanks to the proximity to shops and leisure facilities making. A business should also take into account the actual working facilities within the office space- from a decent kitchen to whizzy standing desks, what is on offer can make a big impact as to whether an employee is happy or not. 
The working environment you provide can greatly improve your employee’s satisfaction and in turn
boost your business so selecting the perfect location really is pivotal to success. By using serviced
offices you can be based anywhere in the UK so look around to find the perfect location for your businesses.
What do you think? Would you prefer to work from home, or do you think having a proper, serviced office would have it’s benefits?
I’d love to know!
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  1. Katie
    September 1, 2016 / 11:06 am

    Great post Becky! I think going to work in an office is a good way to be really disciplined at work ( and stop you loading the dishwasher between tasks! )

    I think being surrounded by other like-minded people can also be really useful to share creative ideas etc although you’d obviously have to be able to afford the rents in the first place! x

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