Checking in!


Hi all,

Just checking in to say that I’m still alive as I know I’ve been a little quiet on here!

I’ve been knuckling down with my new business the past month or so as I’ve been fortunate enough to take on a few more clients so have been getting them ‘settled in’ to the Becky Freeman Digital stable so to speak and making sure everyone is happy and okay. This has meant less time for my own little personal space, but I’m hoping to start posting from next week ‘for fun’ (have a fabby Ikea Pax upcycling project to show you!), and also have a few brand collaborations with some awesome companies… it’s hard getting the balance at the moment but I know it’s swings and roundabouts and everything will settle down again soon. The kids are obviously back at school once more (Year 3 and 4 for the big two! That frightens me now as I remember clearly aspects of both those school years and they seem like yesterday!).

This year so far has passed by in a blur, but a rather wonderful one… I still can’t believe some days that we managed to get the house that we’re in after all the waiting and stress, I can’t believe that my business is doing so well so soon (I’ll keep crossing my fingers about that as I’m currently at full client capacity unless I take somebody else on) and even Adam is about to start a brand-new, exciting job from next month which is HUGE and slightly scary but awesome, as he’s been at his current company for years and was like family. 

I joked with him that 2019 was ‘THE YEAR OF CHANGE’ and I wasn’t half right- maybe it’s a mid-30s crisis or something I dunno but we’re rolling with it…

Now if I can just find a few hours to do some more decorating of the house then i’ll be set!

Becky x



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