Chad Valley Race Car Ball Pit & Pool Review and WIN! a £75 Argos gift card

Afternoon all, and happy Saturday! What are you up to? I’m writing here as part of the ace Chad Valley Play Panel, reviewing their Race Car Ball Pit and Pool and I also have another brilliant giveaway, again to win a £75 Argos Gift Card- what’s not to love?!

First up, I’ve got some gorgeous snaps of Arlo enjoying his new ball pool (balls also from Chad Valley). He’s at the age now where he’s pretty much sitting up on his own, and having sampled a ball pool on holiday and at his baby sensory class, we know that he absolutely LOVES them, and could spend ages batting the balls around and marveling at all the different colours! Freddie and Sasha also had a ball pool from a similar age to him that they got good use out of, so I was pretty confident that for Arlo it would be no different. 

This Chad Valley ball pit and pool can also be a small paddling pool for an older child as the recommended age is 2 years upwards, (but children must be supervised at all times), but for now we have been using it as a ball pool. Compact in size, it doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of room which is pretty crucial for the majority of homes, and the fact that it is so easy to inflate (4 points) and deflate means it’s not a big chore to get set up. The material the ball pool is made from appears to be hard-wearing so far, which has meant that it has withstood being moved about by big brother and sister!

Arlo has had so much fun in it! 

To be in with a chance of winning a £75 Argos gift card so you too could shop for your own ball pool or other Chad Valley Toys, please fill in the Rafflecopter widget below using as many options as you’d like. 

Good Luck!

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You must be a UK resident to be eligible for this competition. The prize is a £75 Argos Gift Card, no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered; Entrants must be 18 years and over. Competition ends midnight on Sunday 25th February 2018. Winners will be notified within 5 working days.

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*We were sent the Chad Valley Race Car Ball Pit and Pool for the purposes of this review and as part of the Chad Valley Play Panel- all thoughts and opinions our own. 

387 thoughts on “Chad Valley Race Car Ball Pit & Pool Review and WIN! a £75 Argos gift card”

  1. I don’t mind what the make or model is – my dream is to have one that I don’t have to MOT, service or ever repair!

  2. I really don’t have one. I don’t drive now, my coordination is too poor. Too many muppets on the road as it is. I did used to have a hankering for a new shiny bike, but now I’ll be happy with a car I can get into and out of easily as a passenger.

  3. currently any would be lovely, as I can;t afford to run one, but if I had the money, I would look at a hybrid x

  4. Dream car is a Tesla Model S. (actually a Model X would be more practical with small kids, but it doesn’t quite fire the senses like the Model S)

  5. Since the age of 4, I’ve adored vintage VW camper vans. Lifelong dream to have one of those…. sigh… day….

  6. An Austin A35 because my Grandfather designed it BUT it would have to have been updated with power steering!

  7. I see cars as more of a practical necessity, rather than something to get super excited about. I really like our Vauxhall Zafira, it is a great family car.

  8. My dream car is to be honest any car but I really really like the Toyota Chr car- hopefully one day it will be mine! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  9. My dream car would be one that never breaks down & preferrably comes with a driver (or one of those new-fangled driverless ones if I can be convinced they are safe!) 🙂

  10. A Bugatti Veyron would be our dream car, however on our income the insurance, road tax and fuel alone on our new Octavia is more than enough to contend with….but we can dream.

  11. Oh gosh thats such a hard question! A range rover evoque, audi r8, ford mustang, nissan skyline….I couldnt choose just one!

  12. I’ve always wanted either a Jag or a top of the range Range Rover, boring I know, but the 4×4 would really come in handy as I live in the countryside surrounded by single car width country lanes with very muddy ditches beside them.

  13. My fave car is a mini cooper….. i had one about 10 years ago but just too small for a family so had to change it for something bigger. Its such a cool fun car though x

  14. If I was rich I’d say the Bugatti Veyron. But I’m not! So a VW Camper would be great. My husband thinks he’d be towing it everywhere but at least it would look great!! 😀

  15. My dream car is just one that works! Mine has broken down five times in four months. Reliability is the dream!!

  16. I love my Mums Aldi convertible, but more realistically at the moment a new Ford C Max or similar with a big boot would be fantastic for my family x

  17. Definitely a Range Rover. Great for country terrains, bit also for navigating the capital’s hilly slopes and narrow bends.

  18. One without crumbs in it! (I’m not setting the bar high but I still don’t seem able to reach it with three kids)

  19. A dream car for me is a car that pops out on its own to pick my teenagers up at the most incontinent times

  20. The Aston Martin DB5 – from the 007 Bond Movies. It’s just wishful thinking – but a girl can dream, esapecially if Pierce Brosnan is in the driving seat!

  21. My dream car would have to be a tonka toy as I can’t drive, but could have fabulous fun, minus the road rage, with one of those!

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