A new year, a new look!


So, my blog baby ‘The Spirited Puddle Jumper’ has a new look, and a new home, after I decided to bite the bullet and *gulp* become self-hosted. I am loving the new, sleek look, although knowing me I will probably end up tweaking it a few more times before I am totally happy with it! I’m thoroughly looking forward to being able to use plug-ins now (no one seems to tell you when you’re a new blogger that wordpress.com is crap for this), and can’t wait to use recipe cards, Rafflecopter and a whole host of other techy loveliness that will enable me to make the most of this little space of mine.

I almost can’t believe what a blogging nerd I’ve become – if you had asked me a year ago would I be wrestling with code, hosting sites and the aforementioned plug-ins, I would have laughed in your face! It’s become the most unlikely hobby of mine. That’s not to say I’m any good at it yet- if you’re not naturally tech-minded (raises hand), never, EVER try and have a go at exporting your blog and becoming self-hosted yourself (*cough*). It nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown on Wednesday afternoon after I realised I’d completely ballsed the process up and needed some outside help. Thanks to my pal Alison, (I love you!) I was pointed in the direction of the technical saviour that is Jo, The Geek Fairy, (I love you too!), who managed to curb my mild hysteria and get me right back on track. I can never thank her enough!

So here we are…

After a few days going AWOL I can’t wait to get started again. This year I’m looking to up my family posts and make some videos, continue to write more about interiors (I great joy of mine), and improve my photography skills with a couple of great photo projects. I also want to branch out and discover some new blogs, and maybe get involved with one or two new linkys to challenge the creative juices- if anyone knows of any new ones, or ones I may not have heard of, then please do holler!


Here’s to fresh starts, and an exciting blogging year! x



  1. January 26, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    LOVING the new look beaut! Can’t wait to watch your little videos. I am a geek too. I invested in a MacBook Air and hope when I get a bit of time to start making better videos. It’s going to be a fab 2015! x

  2. Carie
    January 27, 2015 / 10:28 pm

    Yay – welcome to the world of wordpress – it does get easier I promise – and the new look blog looks fantastic!

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