5 Things We’ve Enjoyed This Last Week

5 Things We Have Enjoyed

This year, whilst I’m not a fan of making lots of easily-breakable resolutions (yes, Evans, i’m talking to you), one thing I did want to be this year was more positive in general. Now, i’m mostly a pretty perky, glass-half-full type, but the daily grind of being at home with small children can make you forget the good stuff. I think that in the winter especially, I often find myself counting down the hours until bedtime, and gritting my teeth and being a snappy at what is, essentially, very normal small person behaviour. This makes me feel pretty sad. 🙁

So… I’ve decided to keep a ‘gratitude diary’ of sorts, that I can look back on, and also whilst writing it remember that we do (we do, we do!) have fun and good times on a daily basis. We have so much to be thankful for, when others are truly having a shitty time in their lives.

If you haven’t passed the sick bucket yet, here are ten things we’ve enjoyed lately!

1. Making Pancakes – Freddie helped me make pancakes for all the family on Saturday morning. Not something we do as often as we perhaps should (they are GOOD!), but it was lovely seeing him use his little whisk that he got for Christmas and be really enthusiastic with it. We were wishing we’d bought shares in ‘CIF’ afterwards, but all the mess was worth it, especially the Nutella, cinnamon and banana pancakes!

Freddie Making Pancakes

2. Massacring Stickers – Sasha is obsessed with stickers, and she spent about half an hour the other day sticking/destroying a huge sheet of the things, but giggling 19-to-the-dozen whilst doing so. Even better, this left me to package up a load of Ebay parcels in peace!


3. New Shoes! – Bought these bad boys in the Zara sale last week for S, and they arrived yesterday- Only £13 now! I heart Zara shoes enormously, as they do half sizes and are always great quality.

Shoes from Zara

4. Swimming on a weekend – We hadn’t been for AGES and i’ve been feeling guilty as it’s Sasha who misses out if we don’t go. Freddie has a lesson every week, but S doesn’t yet. We went on Sunday morning and had a great time, and Sasha can understand now if you ask her to kick her legs. 🙂

5. Saying “I Love You” – Sasha has started saying this a lot, which is amazing and so sweet. Freddie also says it, but not quite as often, but when he does, it makes my heart burst!

Okay, so to the average person, these are small, probably insignificant things, but they help remind me why i’m doing what i’m doing, and remind me to be grateful for every moment, no matter how big or small.

B x


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