5 Home Repairs to Make Before Your Next Trip

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. However, leaving your home for an extended period leaves it vulnerable.

If you put off some home repairs, your property could see damage or even crime. Here are five repairs you must make before leaving on your next trip.

1.  Replace Cracked Windows

If you have a cracked window, now is the time to replace it. Not only is it a potential safety risk, but it could waste your money. Finding the right window contractor is really important.

Cracks allow air to enter your interior, making your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system work harder, increasing your energy cost.

Concrete Shrinkage Cracks can be a persistent issue for homeowners, causing not only aesthetic concerns but also structural problems. However, when it comes to cracked windows, it’s essential to address this issue promptly to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Multi-pane windows also help with insulation and increase protection from flying debris. You can purchase them for a few hundred dollars. You can get a discount if you replace all of your windows at once, which can help your home stay consistent.

If you have a cracked window right before your trip, you can do a temporary repair with epoxy and putty to keep it relatively secure during your trip.

2.   Refresh Security Cameras

If you have security cameras around your home, now is the time to ensure they work well. Offload any stored footage, so their memory has a clean slate to work with.

Charge your batteries before you go to catch anyone who might enter your property and repair any broken lenses. It’s important to keep your home safe whether you’re there or not. Break-ins are more likely to happen when you are away. You can prevent crime and catch any suspects if your security system works well.

If you don’t have a security system, an upcoming trip is an excellent excuse to install one. Smart systems offer 24/7 monitoring while you’re away, so you don’t have to check it while relaxing constantly.

Modern security cameras can catch movements at 1080 and 4K pixels, giving you a crystal clear image of suspicious activity. This is especially useful if you need to send the footage to officials.

If you don’t utilize remote monitoring, you can get alerts of any unsavory activity on your property. You can often remotely turn on lights and alarms to scare potential intruders.

Video doorbell cameras are great items to install or repair before your trip since it allows you to communicate with delivery drivers or visitors from your destination.

3.   Replace Damaged Shingles

Before you leave on your journey, you or someone with experience should look over your roof shingles.

High winds and storms can damage your shingles, especially as they age. Examining them allows you to replace any before you face the consequences of damage. If you don’t change them out before you leave, water, ice or snow can seep through the ceiling and damage your home’s interior.

When you are home, you can quickly identify when that issue occurs but don’t have the advantage of handling it while you’re away.

Even if you have cameras where you can see a leak, you don’t want other people to have to handle your home’s preservation. However, you also don’t want to leave your vacation early.

A single shingle only costs a few dollars to replace, making it an easy repair. Ensure an extra person is there when working on your roof for safety. If your shingles are old, you can replace them all, which can cost a few thousand dollars. Regularly checking your shingles can help you set a budget early, so you don’t have to worry about missing out your trip.

4.   Tighten Door/Window Locks

Another way to prevent break-ins is to check the locks on your doors and windows. A burglar is more likely to enter your home if they are able to harmlessly breach it through an unlocked entry point.

Check all of your windows and doors days before you leave so you have the ability to install new ones before you go on your trip. You can get a new one for only a few dollars online or at a hardware store.

For your doors to lock properly, you must ensure they’re properly aligned. Tightening loose door hinges can help your entryway stay secure throughout your trip. A locking screen or storm door can add an additional security layer to your home.

5.   Clear Drainage System

Your drainage system is crucial to the health of your home, and it’s best to make any repairs before you go on a trip to avoid disaster, such as a flood, where you would need a water damage restoration company. 

Remove any clogs from your pipes to ensure no breaks or gross build-ups while you are gone. Depending on the clog’s severity, you can do so with a plunger or by consulting a professional plumber.

Your gutters are another area to investigate before you go on your trip. Clogs can make your gutters break, but other issues can arise even if they don’t. Flooding erosion and foundation decay can happen, leading to a home disaster.

Clean debris from your gutters so water properly flows through them. While you don’t necessarily need to remove snow, it’s possible that leaves and debris can linger underneath. Don’t clean out your gutters if you feel unsteady standing on a ladder. Consider asking a professional or skilled friend to assist.

As with roof changes, have someone with you when working on high colors.

Getting Your Home Vacation Ready

Housework is a part of life for any homeowner. While you can put some repairs off, keeping your home secure is necessary for travel preparation.


By making these home repairs before you leave, you can confidently enjoy your destination.

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