5 Essential WAHM Productivity Tips!

Working at home mums know the struggle for productivity is absolutely real! In fact, even if you didn’t have your business to run, it’s likely that as a mum, your days would be packed with things to do. The good news is that even with the kids to take care of, there are some strategies you can use to carve out some time in the day and dedicate it to growing your business. Read on to discover some great WAHM productivity tips.

Be prepared

Be prepared may be the motto of the boy scouts, but it’s actually an excellent piece of advice for WAHM as well. In fact, there are many ways that being prepared and organised can help you to be much more productive.

Perhaps the most obvious of these is to find some time to spend on meal prep. Possibly at the weekend? Then you can save at least 5 hours a week because you won’t need to cook a fresh meal from scratch every day.

Of course, this is not the only preparedness, and organisation can help you make more of your time. Another is making simple and small changes, like using a planner to organise your time and keep track of your appointments and tasks. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much difference being able to view your weeks and months visually can have.

Know your best times

When you have young children to look after, things can get pretty chaotic pretty quickly. After all, there is always something that you did not expect. However, one way to counter this is to get the whole family into a routine. Which can work as an excellent touchpoint for family life and also benefit you concerning your productivity level.

This is because once your family is in a routine, it will be easier to identify times when you can dedicate yourself to work. Whether this is during nap time or while your other half is taking care of them. 

In fact, it can be constructive to identify the times you are most likely to be able to get stuff done. This is because it will prevent you from trying to multitask and get smaller duties done here and there. Which is a not very productive way to work at all. 

alarm clock

Delegate or automate 

Next, to improve your productivity, there is one thing that you need to grasp. While you can ‘have it all’ you literally can’t ‘do it all.’ That is, you can’t take care of the kids, run a business, and keep your house spotless all at the same time. After all, there are only 24 hours in the day. 

Instead, you will need to pick one of two options: delegation or automation. Thus freeing up some additional time to dedicate to the things that are important to you. 

The first is when you give some of your responsibilities to someone else. For example, you may ask your partner to take care of the kids so you can devote yourself to work. While another option would be to invest in a cleaner to help you keep on top of your home. 

The second option, to automate, has lots of potential for boosting your productivity as well. One way you can work this is to invest in a robot vacuum, one that goes around your home on its own and will save you a pretty substantial job. Additionally, automating other household tasks such as watering the garden can save you precious time as well. 

There are also plenty of ways you can automate your tasks with your business as well. In fact, it’s pretty easy to automate some of the more repetitive and boring tasks that used to be done manually now. 

You can even use an automated tool to update mac apps and make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. This being something that is way less time consuming than updating each one yourself manually. 

Track Your Time

Finally, if you want to improve productivity, you obviously need to start tracking your time. This is because it can really help you to decide whether these tasks are worth so much of your effort, or whether your time could be used better elsewhere. 


The good news is that tracking your time is pretty easy now. You can even get an app for your mac or phone. To that end, even if you are rushing around taking care of the kids, working, and living your life, you can clearly see where and when you are being most productive when working from home. 



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