Your Guide to Choosing Muay Thai Gloves

For Muay Thai practitioners, selecting the right pair of gloves is essential for successful training and competition. In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about buying the right pair of Muay Thai gloves.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Muay Thai Gloves

When selecting a pair of Muay Thai gloves, you’ll consider glove size/weight, quality (to maximize longevity and resilience), and style preferences.


Weight (size) is the first consideration when purchasing Muay Thai gloves as they come in different weights that you’ll choose depending on your body size and application (training versus competition). Most Muay Thai gloves feature an adjustable leather wrist strap for ease of use and a more customized hand/wrist fit.

Quality Materials

Most athletes prioritize performance and given that gloves are the primary piece of gear, this is not a place to cheap out. Look for gloves made from quality leather, premium padding blends (using a variety of materials), and durable stitching.


Especially considering that you’ll be wearing gloves in all scenarios, find gloves that match your style and make you feel good as well. Consider color, patterns, and materials (for example, full-grain leather offers a unique texture).

Choosing Muay Thai Gloves for Kids

When selecting Muay Thai gloves for a child, you’ll consider the same factors, but perhaps with more emphasis on the quality as the gloves will be protecting your child (and others as well).

The Importance of Quality Materials and Construction

When it comes to the construction of Muay Thai gloves, quality materials are essential for long-lasting performance and value. Double stitching is an industry standard for durable equipment and can help ensure your gloves don’t tear or come apart after extended use.

Multi-layer padding also helps protect hands from injuries by providing a cushion between the hand and any hard surfaces it may encounter during practice or competition. Thumb protection is equally important; dense padding should be placed around the edges when blocking or checking kicks to prevent injury.

For those who take their training seriously, using gloves made from high-quality materials will provide superior protection while making sure your gloves remain intact through countless rounds of punching bags and sparring partners alike.

For instance, premium leather provides maximum durability with minimal weight – perfect for fighters looking to maximize performance without sacrificing safety. Quality foam padding helps absorb shock from heavy strikes while still allowing you to move quickly and accurately during bouts; this makes all the difference when trying to land powerful shots on opponents without taking unnecessary damage yourself.

Investing in quality materials is key for ensuring longevity and protection – so do your due diligence before buying. Choose high-end gloves (like CORBETTI Muay Thai gloves) for superior protection and comfort during your training sessions. Premium quality gloves are designed to give you maximum performance while keeping your hands safe from injury.


FAQs About Choosing Muay Thai Gloves

What weight Muay Thai gloves do I need?

Muay Thai gloves range in size and weight based on body weight and application. For those under 150 lbs, consider 10 or 12-oz gloves (tend towards the heavier side for training and the lighter side for competition. If the athlete is over 150 lbs, consider 14 or 16-oz gloves.

Are 10oz gloves good for Muay Thai?

10oz gloves are suitable for Muay Thai for those who are 150 pounds or less, and for competition gloves (even for heavier athletes).

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing Muay Thai gloves, size and quality are key. Remember: when selecting Muay Thai gloves, always choose quality over price for maximum protection and performance.


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